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  1. [DOA5LR] "What mod is this?"

    If it has no download link next to its picture there's little help we can offer b/c the creator probably decided not to share it. I know it sucks not being able to download Huchi's imports I'd be a patreon now if I had a valid credit card to sign up with. If the mod is from this site you have a bigger chance of getting the mod your looking for.
  2. [DOA5LR] "What mod is this?"

    Providing screenshots of Huchi001 works here isn't going to grant you access to them 9/10 they aren't released to the public The only way to get his mods is by joining his patreon that's the choice he made a couple of months back. But yeah asking the creator of the mod will do you more justice than coming here. But as for Huchi himself he's not the type to respond a message which is unfortunate
  3. [DOA5LR] SIROU's MOD (1/7 UPDATE)

    Thank You Sirou I just wanted to point out that you forgot to add MOMIJI_DLCU_023 to the mod documents
  4. New DLC coming for DOA5LR(?)

    Yeah the biggest bright side was that it came to PC and gave ammunition to modders making their shit DLC into masterpieces whether the girls were nude or not. They should had made more stages and more Beach Paradise sceneries with all characters. Yet again a modder had to step in to fulfill that without $$$ grabbing involved Welp R.I.P DLC support
  5. Christmas definitely came early with these releases just can't thank you enough FB hookers galore
  6. To all the doa modders here

    Yeah if you tend to collect DOA mods you'll need a lot of space specifically for the mods. I just calculated my mod folder and its 228GB by itself then again I've been around here for 2 years plus Deviant art & Zetaboards combined. So it can be overwhelming for newbies it was for me when I started. Tho I may stop downloading after this year is up.
  7. Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation

    He made one kinda recently probably was best that he did since he had tons of WIP's that dated back almost 2 years
  8. Blue Reflection

    Need to use Cheat engine for it
  9. Maternity mods for HS using Roy12's uber mods.

    I know i'm late on the response, but I finally figured out what caused the issue on their faces Roy's mods aren't compatible with U43 faces. The downside of this game is that any mod can cause issues to others even if HS conficker doesn't show anything so its hard to figure out what the issue is. Not even Roy had this info
  10. New DLC coming for DOA5LR(?)

    updates and DLC are not shared here folks google within DOA Zetaboards for that
  11. Blue Reflection

    I don't think that site has any links its just a show&tell site probably will find the mod on Baidu since thats where the nude textures were from
  12. [DOA5LR] H-LOD Nude Mod (curvy body)

    Yeah I highly don't recommend going through old YouTube videos for links especially when ppl tax things with ads and waste your time with dead links. Just need to learn how to properly "search" within this forum typing in keywords helps alot. The latest and last autolink can be found here within the Dead or Alive 5 category tab
  13. Maternity mods for HS using Roy12's uber mods.

    @Heytohn Well its certainly not a DOA type gameplay, but the visuals and sex play are the main features I will say they do lack fetishes by default and therefore we have to rely on modded plugins to fulfill that. Like having Futanari or Lesbian action but I digress theres things that it can provide where DOA cannot. @Verhoven69 Im not sure what the problem is then especially if the instructions only tell me to copy and paste all of the folders and exe files of Wide slider to the game directory then just launch either the 32bit or 64bit of HoneySelect64bitWideslider.exe Actually he does have a character mod named Morrigan from DragonAge not the Succubus costume. Im guessing it has something to do with the Assembly-CSharp.dll I may need an untouched file b/c no matter how many times i use Wide slider their faces are screwed up
  14. Maternity mods for HS using Roy12's uber mods.

    Honey Select is amazing. The downside is it has a ton of mods to download lol and when you install them all you have to fix anything that conflicts with eachother which is simple. My issue is that I can't figure out why Wide Slider doesn't fix 3 character mods yet fixes the others from Roy 12 His recent mods to be more specific Sherry, Morrigan, and Ciri. Maybe im using Wide Slider wrong
  15. This game needs to die out from continuation to have cheaper content, but yeah a wishlist on a steam sale is a good choice. I'd buy this on PS4 if Koei stops fooling around with us and just drop a Game of The Year Edition at a reasonable price $200-$250 for everything sure I'll scoop that up. But a guy could only dream of that happening