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  1. I always thought of it as a call of duty for Fallout type thing but there were certainly some scenes that didn't make sense. I get being a lousy leader but is killing your own wounded soldiers where there are multiple witnesses really worth the bad PR? You'd think it would be easier to just limit the workloads of NCR hospitals for sanity's sake rather than putting down wounded soldiers like dogs. Maybe they were trying to go for a symbolism type deal being military dogs and all that.
  2. That is probably the gayest thing I've seen since the 80s. Is this one of those fraternity things? I like fruit.
  3. Cosplay. The good the bad and the ugly. Given this is Nux I'm probably going to get demonetized. LETS GO~
  4. This is what I do I sit on you
  5. That explains why the mods look so bare bones. Though I would say due to recent mods the game has been very stable for me. Perhaps it is a bit late for more sex mods. Still If they manage to make New Vegas using the same engine as FO4 and do a good job of it I might end up buying a copy just for that mod.
  6. I can't believe I didn't see this thread before. Well slavery bad kay? Okay. Now what? CHEESE CANNON! Sorry I'm leaving, I'm leaving.
  7. Tis common. Thou eyes of thy suiters cannot resist thy juicy rump.
  8. If it is older than Shakespeare I probably wouldn't understand it. In fact I don't even understand the stuff during Shakespeare.
  9. If the chicken and the road joke is the oldest joke in the book then bumper cars is probably the oldest gay joke in the book. Speaking of things that piss me off you beat me to the punch😡BAKA!
  10. It is almost like women are people *gasp*. It is clear that women screw up just as much as men but it is that opportunity to screw up that makes someone a person. On that note I'll be kind enough to provide an explanation to distinguish between women's rights and women worship. Women's rights is women fighting for equal safety under the law and women worship is crying on forums when women don't meet your absurd expectations. Good riddance. 🤫Shhh! You're spoiling the surprise. Thought I might add a few things.
  11. LadySmoks is telling me to be grateful and 27X is telling me not to be grateful. Don't tell me what to do!
  12. Have you heard of this youtuber called Mr. Beast?
  13. Fallout much like Skyrim is at least to me is part mad science project and part um mad science. Alas It has been entertaining.
  14. I really don't know how to start this conversation without people being upset but since people are already upset I might as well go ahead. I went back to the Fallout New Vegas modding scene recently where I saw the Frontier mod was blocked at the modding website that shalt not be named. Since a cut version was released looking back at the controversy was interesting if a bit disturbing but those are just feelings. Perhaps mine perhaps somebody else's. I figure I might as well give my two cents. First was the sex scene with the death claw which sounds right at home for a Fallout game next to a
  15. Darkpig


    Hard to say. JoJo always did look bizarre to me😜
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