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  1. Thank you!!! Sorry, about the quote again, I am noit new to the website but have only begun posting since I took my own endeavor into Skyrim modding. I'm trying to make a hedonistic, psychedelic futanari/female world with the easiest install possible (all the mods included). I would greatly enjoy the mod, expecially if I could use it in mine (with the proper credits of course). I plan on using, what was it, VA xSynth to recreate the voices with various voices of previous bethesda titles.
  2. SOrry about the giant quote. Are you going to release a version that makes males futanari, or can you tell us how to do that in the mod description?
  3. How do you use sos to turn all male npcs futanari with skyfem?

    1. Corsec


      I didn't even know that posting one someone's profile was a thing lol.


      We can talk in the SkyFem thread instead of here.

  4. SO, I'm making a female/futanari Skyrim and I have the means to do it, b7ut I need a solid futanari body based off of CBBE, and UNP I guess, with varying boob/butt sizes, all attractive. I'm sorry if this isn't the thread to look in, but seeing as how big it was I thought it fine to do so. What the mod is is an ultimate male power fantasy experience. You conquer Skyrim from the futanari men, and women guards, either by fucking them or by killing them or by buying them and you can rescue damsels in distress and enjoy the fine arts of the beastesses, wisp mothers, draugr, and even up the chain of being to Kyne, Mara and Dibella. Want to join in on the effort? It's code named RImjob. MEssage me here or in the pms if you want to help. All we need is the female futanari bodies and the and the animations, maybe like Horny Creatures of Skyrim?
  5. Hey, I enjoyed your Futanari mods. Anyway you could get a thread going to post links, maybe with pictures, to all your mods? Categorized too, maybe? Also, may I pay you for the use of your futanari mod? I'm making a super sexy Skyrim with a bunch of mods as an easy install, instead of spending hours redoing your mods on your old or new pc or whatever. I'm doing several, actually. But like for IA and IW and Jaysus swords and some sexy armor mods I'm gonna make them into an esm and fix them up so you can find at least certain armors in loot lists (in the chests, containers, etc). I'll still credit you.

  6. Can you make a version where npcs have needs and poop doesn't vanish?
  7. How can I give my follower a huge horse cock?
  8. I've installed with NMM and enabled the mod/customized my setting but the dialogue is not showing up. Do I just have to wait for it to appear maybe?
  9. I hate your mod. You know why? Because I use it and then I get stuck in an animation that i can't interrupt and then I die.
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