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  1. SG hair pack was taken down due to the copyright issue; source authors had asked me not to share the file. Furthermore, I do not have the file in my mirror anymore even if I've wanted to share with you. Please, do not ask me for SG hair pack.

  2. Was just wondering If I could use the SG hair pack, Personal use only but its just awesome :)

  3. Hi there, I have been looking for good hair for a while now, and when I saw a few very beautyful ones in Nexus, I was trying to find them, which led me here. I was wondering if I could use them, as I will only use them for personal use. I mean the SG hair. Have a good day [:)] greetings, Anne

  4. I am sure you get many requests for your hair mod, and I will be upfront, I am one of them. I keep seeing players with your mod, but as soon as I went to look for it, I found that it had disappeared from the Internet. Upon further digging, I realized that you were screwed over by certain parties and that sucks. On some of those sites I also saw that you were allowing people to use the mod if they asked you first. I am not sure if this is still applicable, but if you would happen to know s...

  5. Hi...my hair sucks. You're the only one who can fix it. It'd be greatly appreciated.

  6. Is the SG hair pack no longer available?

  7. I'm trying to make a Kill La Kill mod, but I can't find anything even close to what I'm looking for, and so far it's taken me two weeks to make a single armor, so I can't make it myself. I saw your SG Hair pack, and It's absolutely perfect, but the download link doesn't do anything, it just redirects me to your page. Can you lend me a hand?

  8. Hello, I saw your work on "Danariel Stormbow" on nexusmod, and I'm here to ask if I can use your SG HAIR PACK ? [:)] It works on wood elf like Danariel ? It's private and I understand it, by the way I don't know how I can share it XD It's really hard to install Danariel.. ^^' I'm starting with mods xD On what software you're working ? I love your work ! ByeBye ! [:)] )) - sorry for my english, I'm french >< -

  9. Can i use your SG Hair Pack Mod for private, i wont share it. Thanks co

  10. One or more idiots (apparently including one "guraz12") shouldn't cause so much grief that a once shared and loved hair mod pack be removed from the face of the internet. I found this so I'm sharing because I know many people are looking for it.

  11. can i also use your hair mods for private too, promise i wont share cause i dont know how and is too lazy to share it

  12. Heyy, I was wondering if I could use your hair and eye mods for private use only. I've been searching for mods like these a long time. Thanks :D

  13. Hi, wow after reading this blog it appears I am not the only one looking for your mod. Is it possible you woluld release the mod for downloading in the future?

  14. I'm sorry for those who don't follow your rules and stuff /: I've been using your mod for quite some time...and I was wondering if I can download it again? I was clearing out my mods and cleaning my computer too and accidently deleted this great hair pack :3 May I pleeeease :3