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  1. Jack of All Trades

    Morrowind: Is it possible for Player to use NPC Idle Animations?

    Hm, I was looking through the construction set and stumbled upon this: As you can see, through the "Wander" AI package, the character in question is able to use certain idle animations depending on their corresponding chance. The box on the right is the AI data of a random NPC, and the box on the left is the AI data of the Player. Now, what would happen if I gave the Player an AI Package? Would the game crash? Or would it "Just work"? Clicking on the Wander AI package leads us to this window, Now by default "Distance" is set as 512, I think we would want to set this at 0, or perhaps not? And then there's the "Duration" and "Time of Day" settings to worry about, What would happen either way? I'll find out soon I suppose. The only other mystery besides "Will this even work?" is deciphering which Idle does what, The only way to figuring this out (to my knowledge) would be setting all the idles at 100 one at a time and testing in-game. Let's see what happens... EDIT 1: Hit a dead end... I added the Wander package with one of the Idle settings set to 100 and the rest to 0, Duration at 24, Distance at 0, and Time of Day at 0, Saved the .ESP and went into the game. Much to my dismay, there was no change. Just the default Idle on my character. Confused, I went back into the Construction Set and peeked back inside the AI settings of the Player. Strangely, the AI package I had added was missing. Perhaps the Game identified that the player had an AI package and said "Hey, the player isn't supposed to have one of those! Delete!" Making it impossible to take this course of action to add idles for the Player Character. Which is a shame. If Player Character Idles are possible in Morrowind (Which I'm very confident they are) We'd have to go about forcing them in another manner. Such as through the Anim Kit perhaps? Though, I'm not quite sure this could be successfully done via the Anim Kit either. The Anim Kit allows the User to change the animations themselves, not whether or not the player can use said animations. For example, A default modification in the Anim Kit allows the user to change Idle 9 of all the NPCs in the game to the Dancing animation, Theoretically this would also affect the player's Idle 9, however if the Player can't access Idle 9 in the first place, then the Player would never see this change affect their character. God Dammit... The only work-around I can think of at the moment would be to use the Anim Kit to change the Base Idle of the player. This would mean we wouldn't get the "Stiff-as-a-board-just-breathing" Idle, but it also means we'd be constantly doing another Idle, which I suppose is fine. We'd just have to figure out which Idle does what and which Idle is the "Base Player Idle" EDIT 2: Via the "NPC Commands" Mod I was able for figure out that Idle6 is the "Hand-on-hip" Animation, and I was looking at the MCP notes when I saw this: "Great, Awesome. So all I got to do is go ingame, open up the console, select my character and type in Player->PlayGroup Idle6 1 to do this!"... Is what I would say, if it actually worked. No, instead if I type that console command my character freezes and is unable to move (They can turn and spin, but not move) To fix this, type in Player->PlayGroup Idle 1. (Note: I also tried using LoopGroup, but to no avail) Despite it not working, I feel this is an error on my part, rather than a shortcoming of the software I'm working with. The Readme states that if you type in the script wrong, only the bottom half of the player will be animated, however for me this wasn't the case as my character's entire body wasn't animated and that slightly concerns me. Is there anyone out there that can shed some light on this? Because, I feel that if we're going to give Idle Animations to the PC, doing it via Scripts/Console is the best (Or well, Fastest) way to do it.
  2. Generally, your player character just stands motionless, well... slightly, as they still breathe. I would like for my character to be able to use the idle animations that NPCs use, such as readjusting the position of their feet, looking around, and this animation in particular (Image Taken from MQB): Is it possible? If so, how?
  3. Jack of All Trades

    What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?

    Yeah its also a shame he never got to the robe replacers too, If he did, I would have been able to easily switch up the textures a little bit to convert Arkann's Clothing mods into DMRA. It's possible he deleted all of the files and hasn't returned to the nexus in a while because he's currently working on a full release with everything, including the missing things from the individual releases. Its also possible he decided to quit modding for good and decided to take his mods with him. I hope its the former rather than the latter.
  4. Jack of All Trades

    What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?

    Holy shit dude, You're a Legend! And no, he has yet to log in since the 5th. A real shame too. I hope he hasn't given up on modding...
  5. Jack of All Trades

    What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?

    Yeah if I manage to get it, I'll post it here or PM it to you.
  6. Jack of All Trades

    What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?

    I'll make a post over there... though in my experience the Nexus forums have never been a huge help. I also have a post over at Wolflore, so hopefully having posts out on three different websites will increase our odds of getting it.
  7. Jack of All Trades

    What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?

    Don't be, it's not your fault. I suppose all we can do is wait and hope for wkdRmffhemqkseka to reply or for someone to post the mod here/somewhere.
  8. Jack of All Trades

    What happened to the Morrowind DMRA body+armor replacer?

    I sent him a PM a week ago. He hasn't logged into the nexus since the 5th of May, so at this point it's a waiting game. He could come online in 5 minutes, 2 months, or never. (It's possible that he made a new account and has completely ditched his old one) If you were somehow able to get those mods from your old hard drive via using a compatible system, such as the PC you used with it originally, I would be extremely grateful.
  9. There is an individual by the name of "wkdRmffhemqkseka" over at the Morrowind Nexus who was making a DMRA-like body mod and was even making vanilla clothes+armor replacers for the body too. However, if you head on over there and try searching for it (Or use this link I got from my download history: https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44415) You will discover that the mod and its addons have been deleted. I'm not exactly sure why this happened, my theory is that the mod maker was being harassed by Morrowind purists in the comment section of the mod, but I can't say for sure.Did anyone here possibly download those mods and still have them? Unfortunately, I don't have the files anymore, nor did I ever download any of the armor/clothes addons. Therefore, would any of you mind sharing them? Thanks!
  10. I'm glad you were able to figure it out, cheers!
  11. Jack of All Trades

    LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Hehe, You need to climb up that pecking order my friend. Or at least get above Vilja (I've personally never been a huge fan of Vilja, aesthetically at least. Never have bothered to try out the mod.) Get to work!
  12. Jack of All Trades

    LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Wait, Mrs. DogOnPorch plays on your Oblivion installation and she doesn't mind the nudity, skimpy outfits, and other sexual-related mods you've added? xD
  13. Jack of All Trades

    LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Heh, I was worried someone might think I was referring to the filter. While it is different, I was referring to the physical differences of my character, not the filter. In fact, I came back here a few minutes later to edit my post to make that more clear, but you already replied xD List of changes made: - Darkened Eyeliner - Changed Eyes to Cat Eyes - Added Tattoos These are the screenshots without post editing: You should try post editing sometime. It's quite fun, easy, and makes screenshots look much better. I personally use a combination of Paint.net and Gimp 2.0.
  14. Jack of All Trades

    LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    I've been playing around with a particular "look" What do you guys think? Should I keep it or should I revert back to the previous look?
  15. Jack of All Trades

    Which .esp contains generic sex dialogue?

    Would disabling Loversvoice and then just changing the rape sound effects be a better temporary solution? Or is there still text present in the LoversRapers.esp?