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  1. I'm glad you were able to figure it out, cheers!
  2. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Hehe, You need to climb up that pecking order my friend. Or at least get above Vilja (I've personally never been a huge fan of Vilja, aesthetically at least. Never have bothered to try out the mod.) Get to work!
  3. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Wait, Mrs. DogOnPorch plays on your Oblivion installation and she doesn't mind the nudity, skimpy outfits, and other sexual-related mods you've added? xD
  4. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Heh, I was worried someone might think I was referring to the filter. While it is different, I was referring to the physical differences of my character, not the filter. In fact, I came back here a few minutes later to edit my post to make that more clear, but you already replied xD List of changes made: - Darkened Eyeliner - Changed Eyes to Cat Eyes - Added Tattoos These are the screenshots without post editing: You should try post editing sometime. It's quite fun, easy, and makes screenshots look much better. I personally use a combination of Paint.net and Gimp 2.0.
  5. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    I've been playing around with a particular "look" What do you guys think? Should I keep it or should I revert back to the previous look?
  6. Which .esp contains generic sex dialogue?

    Would disabling Loversvoice and then just changing the rape sound effects be a better temporary solution? Or is there still text present in the LoversRapers.esp?
  7. Which .esp contains generic sex dialogue?

    Don't mean to hijack this thread, but something regarding dialogue has been bugging me for the past few weeks. Is it possible to make a female character like rape? There's specific instances where my character gives herself willingly to npcs, (Like bandits on the side of the road, and so on) but she has "being raped" dialogue. Not only that, but if you're role-playing as a succubus (Like I am) then your character shouldn't mind being raped. I'm guessing this would require some edits of the LoversVoice.esp
  8. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    Some Oblivion modded installs are too far gone and can't be saved. Sometimes it takes flying around Hawkhaven as a colorful anthropomorphic bird, or role-playing as decaying corpses, to come to this realization. May the Nine Divines be with you, my friend.
  9. In theory, you could go through the trouble of converting the vanilla clothes and armor (or this mod) to DMRA using this but... I don't know how it would turn out, may look a tad bit weird because the realism you would acquire with those types of armors/clothes would be counteracted by the fact that the person wearing them has non realistic body proportions. Not to mention, because of the extremeness of the DMRA body, most clothing and armor mods are made with those proportions in mind, where as if you converted those clothes and armors, you may have a chest piece that sticks out 20 feet xP
  10. Celestial

    Wings had entirely escaped my mind, even on the evil-side of the spectrum. My apologies xP
  11. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    I decided to edit it a little bit to show more skin: Also More Pictures of other outfits:
  12. Celestial

    I think there's an overwhelming amount of mods that are on the "eviler" side of the spectrum because there's much more options available to you when creating said race. For example: Skin colors: Pale, White, Dark Tan, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Scales, and etc. Head accessories: Horns, Spikes, unique ears, Eyes: Pretty much anything imaginable] Back: Bat Wings, Dragon Wings, Spikes, Tail: Cliche Demon tail, Cat tail, wolf/fox tail(s), and so on. Lower Body: Snake, Spider, Hooves, Wolf feet, and so on. Not to mention that these types of races can get away with being seductive and commit taboos, unlike the opposite side of the spectrum where that would be a "sin". (Unless you were representing Dibella or something, in which case you probably could get away with dressing skimpy and doing uncivilized things.) There's just so many options for a demon-like race, Where as on the other hand with Angelic races, the most you can really do is give them spectral tattoos and glowing eyes... and maybe you can tape some wings on the back of them and superglue a halo-on-a-stick upon their head EDIT: Added some things
  13. LL Oblivion Gallery (general screenshots thread)

    I've seen this outfit before, but didn't know where it was from nor what it was called. Thanks for linking it
  14. Monster Girl Blockhead Edition

    Emily was eventually banned, wasn't she/he? Not only that, but Triratna who was working on a version of Monster Girl was also banned, and for similar reasons If I recall correctly. Really strange. Though my point with bringing this all up is do you think that they would have eventually cleared up all these technical issues with the mods if they weren't banned? (Of course, after reading about it, I'm not arguing against their ban, believe me xD)