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  1. Well, this isn't a porn mod, but there is a bondage mod with npc kidnappers and bondage stuff: https://www.deviantart.com/theyuti35/art/Minecraft-Kidnap-Mod-1-1-0-New-update-838239848
  2. I had the same problem and your "solution" worked well, thank you.
  3. Hey Grey, just passing by to say hello. I have been replaying this mod recently and had zero issues (just a little one, at one point the Mistress was in the tower but "outside" behind a wall. Just had to use a moveto player). Thanx a lot for your great work. I would love to see some sort of crossover with the Master of Captured dream shop^^ Maybe during the pony races or the party? I dunno what you are planning to do next but I think the tower's insides could have more decorations. It looks a little bit empty and impersonal. Keep on doing good content.
  4. Yep, that's the main problem of this mod: it's unfinished from this point, We have just the first day. Really a shame, it has great potential.
  5. Really interesting mod. I got stucked after the end of the day with the bed activation, like other people here, but I will keep an eye on this topic, very promising.
  6. So, this is what I've done: I have a save where Jiri and I are in front of Mistress in the tower, ready to talk to her, get new attire and teleport to Solitude (and before removing bunch of mods). I manually added a chastity belt (so I can choose to keep it after), used setstage...80, talked to Mistress and finally setstage...200 to finish the quest. I had the next quest normally after that. It seems impossible to continue in the middle of the parade, I don't regain the control of my character and Jiri and I stay kneeling (not a bad position, but I want to play ) I still dunno why the script doesn't want to continue during the parade. Probably Bugthesda and modding black magic
  7. See? I told you so. It was unavoidable^^ I know about uninstalling mods mid game, usually a bad idea but I thought it could help, and I don't want to replay all from the beginning with a fresh new save (this quest is amazing but quite long, especially when you are close to the end). Until then, I had no problem with fade-to-black scenes, everything was fine and I only use the patch speedhack enboost. Concerning Jirisiel, I had almost a problem when I will try the console trick, thank you.
  8. Well, indeed, I have a major bug^^ During the Parade, when the 3 girls are on stage, Mistress says "Behold", looks at my fellow sister and does nothing. I had a similar problem when Zenosha was supposed to begin the torture and did nothing but a reload fixed that. I have tried multiple times, uninstalled a bunch of mods (and used Save Cleaner), I'm still stuck. Too bad, I'm so close to the end Well, ain't that neat, exactly one day after I downloaded and installed 3.1 ... /e: Wait, no, that's the same day I downloaded and installed 3.1. Stupid American date format (and Min putting in the wrong month), why can't people use ISO? I downloaded 3.2 myself but the mod metadata (what NMM shows) says it's 3.1. The file is named DeviousDevices-Integration-3.2.7z, but the info.xml in the fomod directory still has the version as 3.1. It looks like they forgot to change the number in the metadata. Luckily that never happens to me (*cough*). So don't get confused by what your mod manager is telling you. It might be incorrect. Just wait for it. But really, thanks for the praise. Papyrus.0.log
  9. Hello there. I just wanted to say: congratulations for this amazing quest, I'm half-way through and I already bow down before you, this is really entertaining, I love it. No real bugs to report, everything is working fine.
  10. This issue was fixed in the latest version. There is a script in a triggerbox at the top of the stairs in the smithy that runs the start of day routine, there was an issue with it in the previous version. Thank you for the fast answer, I will try again with the udpdate.
  11. Hello. First of all, congratulations for this incredible mod, it's really impressive. I have some kind of bug to report, I don't know if this was mentioned before (too many pages): During the slave quest, I was sent to the smithy. I did my quota, De'Zra was happy and said I will have a different task soon. So I get back to the barracks before 11PM, slept, and returned to the smithy the next day. Nobody talked to me so I worked at the anvil and did my part, but De'Zra never checked my work, she was present however. 2 days like that after, I am still stuck. Any idea?
  12. I installed the mod the first time on a save with Amazing Follower Tweaks and an already wedded Serana. I didn't had the dialogue option "My love" so I was a little bit pissed and I made a very fast new game (with tgm/tcl codes) without AFT to get to the point where I could marry her. And this time it worked! Very well I must say. So congratulations for this amazing and exciting mod, Thedudeguy.
  13. Blindfold, gag and buttplugs are punishments for demerits. If you are hosting a spriggan take a walk down the main street in Riverwood and talk to the people who are outside their houses during the day, someone you meet will trigger the next step or you aren't looking for people who are out very hard. Just steal some items in a few places, the thugs will be along. Thanx for the answer, but about the spriggan quest I have tried to talk to everybody (Riverwood and others) for hours, waiting a few days and talking again. Nothing happens. I will try to restart from an older save.
  14. First of all, a big thank you for this amazing mod. Here's a few questions: About the blindfold, in which situations is this item used? When is it used by slavers? As a spriggan host, I am supposed to trigger a reaction from NPCs. Doesn't seems to work. Any clues, maybe a console command to trigger the quest? The thugslave quest seems to be hard to trigger correctly. Any safe playthrough (like a specific NPC)?
  15. Hi MasterChris. It's a pretty amazing work done here, I bow down before you. And I have a silly question: I am searching for a prisoner's rag without trousers like in your screenshots. May I have the source of yours please?
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