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  1. Hey guys - I just wanted to let you know I am keeping an eye on this thread - I'm kind of doing some R+D at the moment. I've been learning some new software because I want to make my own game (eventually) - it's also work related as well. I'm going to start making some characters for testing - which also means I'll eventually be making some new penises. So I wouldn't expect something immediately - but expect something down the road. It will be neat to see what all you can do when the G.E.C.K. is released.
  2. This - I would love this And just an update - there really is no update - sorry gang T_T I've just been busy with life. Haven't forgotten about y'all!
  3. I got to work a bit yesterday on an armor set for fallout 4 that will result in a better futa mod. I just had a lot of social obligations this weekend, so didn't get as much done as I would have liked. But I did get to work for about 3 hours on my armor set.
  4. it looks like it's using the wrong spec Not sure - I really need to make a penis model (when I get time) that only uses 1 material, right now it's using 2, this was causing issues with the balls (I think)
  5. Yeah. I threw in 2 .psd files with a hue/sat layer if people need to change the skin tones. Hopefully later on we figure out how to get the skin tone to change dynamically. I'm just such a huge bathesda game modding noob.
  6. Heyo! Yeah it's a decent attempt at a normal mapped model, I'll see what I can do to get a more "vanilla" version for people. Hope so! But if not, at least you guys now have a framework on how to get a penis into fallout 4, it was a lot easier than I expected O_O I gave up on Skyrim because it was just so damn hard to get anything in - perhaps it was something mostly on my end. However outfit studio is making it MUCH easier and a lot less daunting O_O Also I love the original piece of art that your icon is based on Thanks for the kind words - we'll see how much far
  7. Hey Bringthenoise! Is this something I should be doing when making these models?- or is this something people using my files with outfit studio should be doing? oh and for fun, here's a shot if it smaller
  8. Huzzah! glad it worked out, yeah outfit studio seems hella hella easy for people to customize with
  9. Well that escalated quickly Old model, may not work on other peoples machines D: Please refer to loverslab D: I actually can’t believe I got this to work D: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8i60LSDFpKhZlFzUjliSnFMTEE/view?usp=sharing please check out the readme, please don’t hound me with questions on how to change the sizes T_T I seriously didn’t think this would work at all >.> Please consider this like an alpha.
  10. So yeah, I have a bad history of teasing the community and not releasing content. However, I really do want to release something for Fallout 4 I spent some time last night and this morning fishing around youtube videos and got this far I guess I need to read up on how the game handles materials, I was really suprised I could do some editing in nifscope witout having the game crash on me. This is kind of a throw away model I did a long ass time ago, hopefully when I get this to work I can make some better/cooler dongs for Fallout 4 D:
  11. To Clarify - it was some asshole on another forum, that pretty much forced me to enact my current stance on sharing, it was not lover's lab. And - bleagh I've seen said person lurking around the internet lately too >:-\ I probably did flip out a bit too much when you (friskychicken) were posting your horse mod, so a public apology is in order. It wasn't fair to bring out my personal issues on mod fairusage in someone else's thread
  12. I think something that pretty much added to this was my complete lack of web presence for the past 72 hours >.> When I last checked this thread on a browser with internet access I only had six replies. Today I was shocked it had gone suddenly up to 2 pages. and suddenly had a bunch of stuff in my in-box. The responses I've been making have been just on my cell. I guess the disconnect for this community, is most people don't know what I've been up to for the past year (also most people don't realize that one of the current skyrim futa mods is based on an oblivion mod I created) - this
  13. Woah. The things that happen when you step away from the Internet I think my intentions are pretty clear in my original post. However, I guess I need to make a post later today to give everyone the 411 in regards to the rise and fall if me as an "open" modder. In regards to second life, I was unaware I made enemies on the grid. I certainly never made money on there. The only thing that comes to mind is me telling someone I was no longer interested on using their set aside land for a shop. I the gave them the linden back that they used to purchase me a demo penis. Sorry if I rub
  14. I couldn't really find an ongoing "Post Your Naughty Skyrim Screenshots" so I just wanted to post up a little Futa Works thread. I'm probably not going to release these mods - but I'll probably come up with some videos and picture sets. Here's my most recent work. Took about 8+ hours of work to Sculpt this thing, bake all the textures and then to get in in-game. And Erect version is next. Honestly, it seems like all you can really do with a futa mod is walk around and rotate the camera. Animation support seems SUPER super limited :C [spoiler=Chubby Flaccid] Click for High Re
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