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  1. is there a page on this site where i can find models for xnalara ?
  2. No it does not.... i saw someone brought up something about the cowgirls costume set and they said honoka body looked different then the other dlc costumes.
  3. well that just proves they using mods for the body's and they did not do a good job.
  4. i saw someone said that tecmo/team ninja started to use body parts or hairstyles that moders use for their mods, i think this is why we started to dlc like this and they are not called dlc no more, they look like mods.
  5. that last image of honoka is saying in her mind i used to have a bust like that, now she stole it from me to get all the attention, i need to get my body back.
  6. Hey I am glad you found my tools useful You have discovered the hidden benefit (and drawback) of my transformer's fast approximation method As you have discovered, the more times you repeat the same process (or transform using a very high smoothness factor in regular smoothing mode), the character gets bigger and eventually you will notice some issues with the neck area. It is an unfortunate side effect of my algorithm but it allows some interesting transformation. For example, you can transform a girl to Marie with very high smoothness and Marie will get an instant cupsize boost.
  7. hey there guys, anyone know if there is a eye texture section on this site ? cause i found these eye texture and want to know if there is something like that available for download, i remember seeing somewhere a eye texture section but dont know where.
  8. skyrim mod of course i remember one time i found a post with eye textures on here, but dont remember what it was called. have you read manga naruto ? not the manga but i have watched the show.
  9. skyrim mod of course i remember one time i found a post with eye textures on here, but dont remember what it was called.
  10. where can i find that eye texture from the images ?
  11. This could have been an awesome "Wild West" themed pack, with costumes for both the guys and girls, but, in true Team NINJA fashion and based on the wording Rodeo Time Costumes! I suspect this is going to be their usual copy and paste job. Please prove me wrong Team NINJA yeah i can see it, another pack for female only, there are no more dlc for the male characters. the only way we can see new clothing for male is by mods, dlc not going to happen no more.
  12. how can i have the rotation stop cause anywhere i move the camera it still rotates.
  13. can someone post a download link for it, cause i cant access the one from the 3dm site. has 742 people to buy this subject to the author to pay 30 or something, dont know what its asking for.
  14. where can i find this costume of kasumi but without the mod.
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