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  1. It has the framework and its all the, sex, rape, slavery, every colour of the rainbow, it would completely and totally fit in this universe, sadly and depressingly enough, I for one Do not know the first thing about creating mods of such a degree. I am hoping at some point an experienced team or member of the community has a look at Kenshi and starts work on it. It is the Absolute perfect game for all sorts of depravities, it's insane. Drives me up the wall there aren't mods yet tbh.
  2. Okay Boys and Girls. So I am aware there are older conversations of the game and threads and such but for the most part, they have digressed completely from the original question/request, and are again quite old. I think it would benefit trying to get things moving creating a new thread. https://store.steampowered.com/app/233860/Kenshi/ Kenshi is one of the best games I have probably ever personally played in the Indie/RPG genre. I would spend time basically just explaining how amazing the game is but I don't intend to create another thread of circle jerking.
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