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  1. wy1389217

    Converting a Wig into a Racemenu hair

    What mod is that @Derpakiin ?
  2. If possible, could anyone convert these textures to UNP ? Tried to find a conversion with no avail, If not, could I get some help of where to even start trying to convert?
  3. wy1389217

    Wet Function Redux

    Should I try to clear scripts from save?
  4. wy1389217

    Wet Function Redux

    Yeah I tried to, and yet no registering my female head texture.
  5. wy1389217

    Wet Function Redux

    I did tho (using MO btw)
  6. wy1389217

    Wet Function Redux

    Even after the addition of a wethead_s.dds the mod reports it as missing, what to do?
  7. Huh, thanks. Any differences on animations or anything? Curious since i'm still on Oldrim and wanted to see if doing the jump is worth it.
  8. Stupid question , but where can I find the 2.03 version?
  9. @Varithina Baidu has some sort of filesize limit just like MEGA from what I saw.
  10. For Skyrim regular edition here you go : https://eskrimmods.blogspot.com/2018/04/peroperoarmorpack3-7bo.html
  11. If I have two keyboards connected with different layouts, how should I proceed?
  12. The 1st outfit you can find it here (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2114-blade-soul-unpb-and-7b-bombshell/) it's _op Gongzuorenyuan There are UUNP anb CBBE conversions online, now idk hwere they are tho
  13. wy1389217

    The Manipulator

    Sorry for the dumb shit question, but does it work with Requiem?
  14. wy1389217

    CBBE / UUNP / BodySlide and Outfit Studio

    Any easy way of getting chinese bodyslide files translated so that they work w/o locale hacks?