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  1. unded

    Project: Unified UNP

    https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/92876? Anyone knows if there is a UUNP conversion for this dress?
  2. Epeen challenge : accepted. To be fair I have some files laying around because of utilities/merges, so i'd cut it to around 200-210 GB.
  3. This tbh, what I might enjoy might not be your couple of tea... I'd shill reccomend Graphene 3.0 (http://skydevgru.tumblr.com/post/143010883978/i-couldve-taken-a-lot-more-screenshots-certain), but some assembly needed. Altough, I'm currently using Mature Skin Texture (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32986) or Demoniac pack (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70834?tab=files).
  4. If you need - I can download Dancing in Skyrim V6 - 200 dances.But they weigh 2 Giga.Through the site does not load.Need your email address.And from holtof55 you get nothing for free.

    1. unded


      Huh, as expected from holtof.

  5. unded

    Operating System Choices - LTSB

    Get Enterprise or Education and strip it down from there. Or wait for the new LTSB that if i'm not mistaken it might get here soon.
  6. No download link? @holtof55 tried to check your site but I see no DL link, plus it's in Russian...now what?
  7. Again, the Assembly did for themselves, so there are some disadvantages. 1-I deleted some hkx files for dance synchronicity , and fnis dance together list.txt did not rewrite.Therefore, when you update the animations FNIS tools will show that there are not enough files-do not pay attention to everything works. 2-do not involve in the dance of your main character - sometimes after the dance he loses control.Attract companions.3 - dancing which I replaced the synchro can not begin synchronously - in this case, stop the dance and turning it back on will sync.And if you missed the site loaded mod Lets dance again 1.1.0-96 dances-author Andy14 with instructions on how to add to this mod new dances(up to 256 dances).Link to mod Let's dance again 1.1.0.Link to my build https://www.4shared.com/archive/Hnh2fp-Lda/Fengwu_Dance.html


  8. unded

    Request for an avatar

    I'd say, grey his face a bit so that you get the (Asshole)Olgierd face but keep a nice nod to the Vile persona
  9. Sorry for English. I'm communicating through a Google translator. I did this assembly of dances for myself, based on the fashion Dance Together (37 dances). Six dances were left from the original, the rest was found on the Internet and half gave to friends. Almost all the music was replaced. Asynchronous dances for 3,5,7 and 10 dancers replaced by synchronous, removing extra hkx files. Whose animation did not know when doing the assembly. It was later, when I made the assembly, one of the friends gave the sixth holtof assembly and told the story. This holtof for this assembly wanted to get bitcoins (100,000 dollars). I tested this assembly and was not surprised that no one wanted to pay money for this shit. The first - the assembly is based on the same fashion Dance Together in 2012 - the Asian author. The author did not give permission to build the holtof. Secondly, a large number of dance animations are collected from other mods - Dance Together, Companion Selene Kate, Bathing Beauties - Luxury Suite, Shake It - Dance Animations,
    clone real and other mods. So that the authorship of holtof is very conditional (he most of the time simply stole and appropriated himself). The third - out of 200 dances in his assembly - 150 dances can be immediately thrown into the trash because of the animation curve and not synchronous music. If you need my assembly, I can download it.

    1. unded


      Yeah, if you could get a link for it, it would be appreciated

  10. hell it might be...but the arm issues aren't that much of a holtof55 exclusive or it mioght be because of my bodyshape preset
  11. unded

    Project: Unified UNP

    http://skyarsenic.tumblr.com/post/175244408458/conversion-release-sensual-summer-set-consists-of Anyone knows of a UUNP conversion for this?
  12. @varfolomeyare those from the holtof pack or from antoher source?
  13. unded

    Let's dance again

    mostly because of my CK acting, no.