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  1. I am not sure what i am doing wrong but i can not seem to find any wolfs to collect semen from. i tryed letting them capture me and even try to talk to them but i can no option to collect . i have empty bottles
  2. I am getting this same issue too . i have tryed everything and if you try to skip the stage it bugs out and keeps telling you to check in on her .
  3. tryed to install this mod but i keep getting incomplete on NMM .
  4. is there a option to turn off pregnant belly or have it go away after so many days as some of the models look really weird with it on.
  5. Has there been any updates for this mod ?
  6. i am not sure if anyone else has come across this issue . but when i tell MCM to activate the mod it does the little message in the top and then it unactivate it self afterward . Can anyone help ?
  7. Never mind fix my issue it was fnis had to reinstall it . but mod works fine now
  8. This mod is fun for a little. but after sometime it gets really annoying you will be trying to get your sims status up for them to be happy and a dog will show up out of no where and stop them from doing what they where doing... only issue i have with the mod is that .
  9. Has anyone got to try Venus rising . as it looks like its trying/going to do with age of conan wanted to do. i can not find out how you get into the alpha at all
  10. has anyone unlocked the Training Session quest yet as i would love to do that one but all i get is the mens night party and seem to just break and only 3 to 4 guys turn up
  11. yup that seem to of been the issue thanks.
  12. I am not sure if anyone else is getting this bug but when i have to go have sex with the saber cat. the cat vanishes just like the bear does. Is anyone else getting this issue too ?
  13. Anyone tested to see if this mod works along side Defeat for the times when Defeat messes up and lets you die...
  14. Just to let you know you may want to put on the install info that its different mods in a folder... i was wondering why it did not work but out fount as i use nexus mod manger to install all my mods and thought why it not working but now it works fine .
  15. Animal Mansion V01f seems to be working fine so far not find a bug yet . gonna mess with it more and see if i come across anything . as sometimes the troll works at the party for me other timers it does.
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