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  1. On the upside of that, just think of the royalties they would pay people.
  2. What's happy mean? I don't think I remember the last time anything made me really happy, content is about all.
  3. https://sharecg.com/b/21/DAZStudio https://www.most-digital-creations.com/freestuff.htm http://www.orexart.com/freestuff.htm There's a few more. Renderosity and Renderotica are about the best ones though.
  4. I can't remember the name, but it was a racing game on a commodore 64. The scary thing is I remember how exciting it was at the time to upgrade to Commodore 128. Can anyone remember what the Turtle was on an apple 2E? I can. lol.
  5. You could always go to Rederosity, ShareCG or Most digital creations for free stuff.
  6. A tiny little town in Michigan, it's so small we don't even have a bar.
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