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  1. Awesome mod......and two questions: 1. May it be possible to lower the resolution? 4,5GB is sucking decent amount of performance in combination with 200+ other mods, I guess 2. The Milk bottle is interfering with 3ba as it takes the slot60 which is used as alternative smp slot (when having Devious devices installed). So it means currently bottle OR smp. Can this be changed (to for example slot 35? Who needs an amulet equipped with this in combination )
  2. I have an issue wit this mod which makes it almost impossible to handle. Everytime I recruit a follower from ToH the activation disappears, so I am no longer able to talk to them. Does that sounds familiar to someone and is there a way to fix that?
  3. MME is only detecting Soulgem Oven 3 I guess. Is it somehow possible to get connected with Soulgem Oven 4?
  4. Thank you for the answer. However the 10 seconds are shomehow hard coded in the mod or there might be an ini file where this can be adjustet but is not (yet) integrate in the mcm?
  5. Is it somehow possible to increase the 10 seconds enemy calm after aggression?
  6. Hi, Shot problem description: When activating funiture (chair, grindstone, alchemy, mining,....) the scene is starting and stopping directly aferwards. I know this is a common problem and there are tons of "might fix the problem" attemps on this. It might also be that a solution will always be very specific on the instalation setup BUT after years of struggling with this issue, including: 1. Load a save game where it does not happen 2. Reinstall your whole setup 3 .and a bunch of other solutions... I wonder if there is a mod or somethin
  7. To all those who have this blue body issue. I resolved it by tweaking a bit. Two steps: 1. Slavetats: Due to the performance increases for the latest ST release you now have to update it in mcm once installing new tatoos. Perhaps you installed DT after installing Slavetats. Set it up again in the mcm 2. Origin of the blue body by starting seems to be the missing group1_0000 texture. I solved it by copy an other tat and rename it to group1_0000. And of course add it in the corresponding json data
  8. Does anyone know what are the misc 1abcd 2abcd, 3abcs placements for?
  9. OK..........however..........I was mainly addressing to Inte and his awesome mods and I guess his thread is not the right place to discuss whether or not SE is better than LE. So sorry and lets resume to talking about Prison Overhaul Patched LE.
  10. Why so serious, just my opinion, troll
  11. Im not quite sure if LE wins as I see much effort by former "inactive modders" starting conversions of mods to fit with SE. Also there is a LE->SE mod conversion thread that is one of the most active threads so far. I switched to SE recently due to (for me) unfixable issues and I must say, beyond facts that says against it I am getting way less CTDs as in LE, what leads to the fact I now proceed the main Skyrim quest as far as I have done 10 years before when LE came out Besites that the discussion between LE/SE has a very negative impact on moddedSkyrim as it divided the game
  12. Cool Mod, might be able to extend it with the additional stages?
  13. I remember there was once a uunp conversion that could zap those red bodyparts of the Nightshade bodysuit: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72772 Does anyone know where to find it? (not the uunp optional file from nexus)
  14. Mine is resolved now, too. Just redone fnis
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