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  1. If someone could teach me how to do that, I would be eternally grateful
  2. Hi there! I've gone through a lot of the support threads for the specific mods that I will be mentioning, but as there is years worth of posts to get through I had hoped I might be able to pose my question here for an answer: I am a big fan of the Devious Devices mods; and aftering finding SD+ to be more about the Slavery than the bondage, have decided to switch to Cursed Loot, and Devious Captures style of "bondage added after Submission" style instead. What I want to ask is if there is a way to limit what devices are used by these mods specifically: Devious Equip and Cursed Loot. While
  3. Figures; the simple questions rarely ever have the simple solutions! So otherwise it seems there really is no way to turn them off? It's also a bit of a shame as some of the mods I like using haven't updated recently, so they might not be scripted to use some of the mods that I want.
  4. Pretty simple question really; I'm extremely fond of the more lore friendly Devious devices; the rope bonds, the Heretical chains, etc. I really want to find a way I can just...remove all of the less lore friendly ones from the menus of mods such as Devious Devices Equip, Devious Captures, etc, so we can play with all of those fantastic new ones. Is there a means to do so, whether via the MCM or through the data folders themselves? Cheers!
  5. I'm running into a similar situation- I never had this problem before. Even after I do the bodyslide build after all of my mod updating, the items aren't showing up at all, in the preview screen, or on the character. I.e. with a ballgag equipped I get the open mouth but no ballgag, etc. When I put bindings on, the body either doesn't read it, or goes into a T pose as though FNIS hadn't been run (which it had.) I'm not sure what is going on; what information can I provide in order to hopefully find a solution? I've never had this problem before- so I'm hoping it won't be too difficult to fin
  6. Cheers! But I was enslaved by the Hired Thugs who were dragging Uthgerd and I to Mistwatch already- so does that just mean that she's heading there on her own rather than all of us being dragged there as well? I remember that specific scenario working along those lines before, was that changed?
  7. Quick question- I use EFF and no DAYMOYL. I set my follower Uthgerd to Essential (I hate my followers getting killed. Denies me bondage opportunities) When I surrendered to the Hired Thugs, two things tended to happen: 1. If Uthgerd was in bleedout, she wouldn't be counted as enslaved, and would instead continue to follow me as normal. 2. If Uthgerd was registered as a slave, she would immediately start running off god knows where- and I have not installed Caged Followers yet. Is the running away part normal? Or is there something I've messed with? On a lesser not
  8. Hey guys! I absolutely love the LL community, you guys are really some of the best and most helpful around for users. I recently got a new computer and have been re-enjoying Skyrim in all of it's epic and kinky splendour. But I wanted to pick the brain of some of the people here for thoughts and ideas for what combination of mods would suit what I'm looking for the best! I'm really keen on situations where the player, if confronted with a no-win situation can surrender to the victor, and allow him/her to do with the player as they will. I'm especially keen on situations that h
  9. @DeepBlueFrog Hi, I'm not entirely sure if SD+ is working the way it's supposed to here- can you please take a look at my papyrus and see if there's something up? It's not anything huge- but there's lots of little minor problems that are cropping up- like not being bound after first enslaved, not getting any of the other dialogue options- indeed, it's limited exclusively to just "master?" Also bindings failing to appear, etc. I'm not sure what exactly is going on... Papyrus.0.log A lot of these feel related to problems I've had
  10. Took a while, but I've finally gotten things to run quite smoothly and stably in my modded Skyrim. But for the life of me, its now started CTD no matter what I do when I try to save. I'm not sure how to read Papyrus Logs, but i'm hoping one of the great gurus on Lovers Lab might be able to point out what exactly is causing my problem! Thank you in advance! Load order as per LOOT: Papyrus.0.log
  11. Thankfully I'm doing okay ESP wise, and I have Game script cleaner. SSME SKyrim? I'll check that out, thank you for the suggestion.
  12. Cheers ^^. Mod Organizer I have to say really is the best. With Loot, it can help you find solutions to your problems 9/10
  13. Hi everybody, after doing a major overhaul to the mods that I've been using and trying to get back into Skyrim, I was hoping I could check the more veteran users on Loverslab to see if they could take a look at my mod priority order and Load Order as per Mod Organizer to make sure I have everything lined up properly. I've been dealing with a few difficulties recently and have decided to go over all of my mods, check if they're the most recent builds, etc. and try to figure out which ones I don't really need anymore, but some of this is beyond my ken. Any suggestions or advice as to which mod
  14. Hi there! I have all of the body based Devious Devices functioning. The biggest problem I have is that the gags aren't appearing. When I equip the gag on my character, or on others, it simply doesn't equip. It shows up in my inventory, but no textures, and in my own, or an NPC's inventory it's shown as unequipped. When I interact with other characters, it's as though it's not there at all. I even tried equipping some of the DD gags via DD equip, and while the Heretical Resources are showing up, none of the gags are. Also, I notice that my devices and ZaZ gags will get a bit
  15. @DeepBlueFrog Quick question- is it normal for when being punished by your owner (i.e. you're put into a Zaz Pose and whipped like in a cage, or on a cross, etc.) for the pose to be interrupted when whipped? Also, probably a stupid question, but is SD Patches compatible with SD+ 36a?
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