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  1. My mod still works fine with vanilla Sexbound and other mods that doesn't touches pregnant.lua since I did modify the gender check in there (only that though). Your Fuchsia mod doesn't modify that file so they both should be fine... I think? I really need to find a way to not modify that file directly
  2. Try setting "enableCompatibleMates" to false, unless you want to add extra entries to the compatibleMates function below. And remove the extra space for your "fertility" value. Should be 1.0, not 1.0 ,
  3. Attach your pregnant.config here please. It's in mods\Sexbound\scripts\sexbound\plugins though you probably already know where it is since you tinkered with it.
  4. Should be. No pregnancy script has been modified from 2.8.1 as far as I know. Updated the file anyway for 2.8.3. Nothing really changed except for the metadata.
  5. It does. To the penetrator only.
  6. That is the point, no? He didn't installed the mod properly. The only mod that is installed properly is Sexbound itself. @Xpexer Make sure you extract the mod you've downloaded into your /starbound/mods folder. If the file is a .zip file, extract them (using any of the winzip/winrar/7zip app). If it is a .pak file, you can just drop them into the folder.
  7. NekoLady


    The "requiredVersion" line in each *.object files stopping the beds from working while vomiting errors like you've said. Loc changed his loungeables objects' "requiredVersion" to 2.x.x so his are working.
  8. This. Your armor can absorb all the damage, causing you to take 0 damage yet the game will consider you decapitated should the dice rolled that way for you. Turn that option off, it is bad.
  9. It just adds some points to your character's controversy, which will disappear in less than a day due to how small it is. As for bodyguard, if I am not wrong it depends on both your Leadership and Renown values. Need Leadership of at least 3 and a couple hundreds of Renown to start having 1 bodyguard, with more points needed to have more, unless that limit has been changed by this mod. They also can be buggy to the point that they will either appear or don't though, so there is that.
  10. I did specify pretty clearly which log to post before your extra information confused him. Even underlined it. Not saying you are wrong. Just not necessary considering that he has been rerunning the game to test things out in two separate topics when asked.
  11. The one I've posted. The extra info posted by @Kawaoneechan isn't helping. You ran the game multiple times and same thing happened so the logs should give us more or less same information regardless of date. My guess is that you didn't install the mod properly since you are having the exact problem with two different SxB mods but the log should be able to do the telling.
  12. ...\Starbound\storage\starbound.log That is the log.
  13. Shame there is no way to patch lua scripts without overwriting it with order of priority in Starbound. Anyway for the approach, it's actually a matter of personal preference. I find it strange to have the bits sprite clashing with the belly sprite in some positions for other actor so I purposely limit it to 1st actor. I can add the extra bits to other actor as another version if there is a demand for it, I guess. Though unless the other actor is not pregnant, it won't be much of a difference. I also managed to goofed up by making 1st actor getting pregnant instead of othe
  14. @FURRYHUSKY1000 Try removing SSS and test it again. That mod is old, even by vanilla Starbound's standard.
  15. Basically, only the 1st female actor will be modified by the script so their female partner will still be non-futa unless you switch their role. No sprite editing has been done so it should be compatible with any races as long as they don't touch that one script. They can impregnate other females (not males) and they still can be impregnated by both. Climax effects are also modified. The downside to this is that if the base Sexbound API gets updated, specifically that one script, I will have to update it as well to avoid things breaking everywhere for others. Same go
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