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  1. Nice it's working now . Thanks a lot to dibz666 and to you takosako. A well done work from the creator Gameholik isn't it .
  2. GreenV

    NX-2C Video Log V0.11: Propylene glycol

    Just forgiving me Reginald. I have cool down now, I've overacted about PG... My apologyzes to You and Ivy !!Still in love with your work ?. Sorry once again !!! ?
  3. GreenV

    NX-2C Video Log V0.11: Propylene glycol

    I've quit the smoking cigarettes for more than 4 years ago.... just by the ecig. As first I can believed that I can quit smoking without help.. patch with nicotin, faslse cigarettes with bad savour in the pack to leave cigarettes. Sorry about this video I can't endorsed your thought Ivy . Smoking is the first health damage to see people dying from their addiction to the nicotine stuff . The culprit is not the nicotin stuff but the extra addition to make the cigarettes more flavourished and addicted. I've said i quit smoking and when I've scent a cigarettes burning in... 20 meters around me I move away far from the source of the disturbance. So what the problem with the PG ??? There is a lot of people dying from lungs problem just to smoking cigarettes. See some movies about this... Really your kiddind me ... if this the Ivy's thought , I quit her at this time taking Curie with me. Even I'm in love with Ivy. Don't take it as a personal attack but I'm very upseted. See far away the for next blog ..
  4. Your's the father of Ivy...and you are like her !! You make me laugh like her. I'm still amazing to have still some more new dialogs after a lot of gaming with her. I know that ChikGeek have 7 hours of dialog maked but i'm still wondering about the fact that you implemented dialogs between male and female characters. And about weather.... I was at homeplate personnal quarters and then she tells me that it's nice it's raining. You're kidding me , I go out.... and it's rained ... amazing !!!!
  5. @Reginald_001. Ah aaaah. Hope to see the magazine Alice in anal land to be available... just for Ivy ?
  6. I've never seen a companion so realistic as her with her environnements... what a job you make it with her... Really , really amazing !!!Jaws dropped and each time she has some new comments that I don't have heared before... after a lot of playing with her. She is alive..;Yes she did ! In club fusion city she was aware of the loud music in the background..; She said "I can't barely hear you " She not supposed to be aware of this mod I'm right ? With my female character, I equipped her with an helmet...after some days, she said me if she can be beautifull with this gear (don't remember me the exact phrasing she's said) It's so immersive and I don't know how you handle all those sitituations with her. Geez an another thing comes to my mind. Having let her having sex with Travis.. when all was finished what she said to me "Do I talk do much ?" So approprieted as this moment... ? Thanks Reginald. But have you control of her reactions or the AI do the rest ? I'll stay on my positions.. she is alive !!! ?
  7. Ah Aah... somebody other than me having the same feeling that she is alive...
  8. So far I've played with Wastelander Barbara (great to have sometimes stimpacks, wonder glue, some ammos... ) she must be more developped to my taste but she's great. Heather Casdin still my favorite . She has lore ( I love companion with lore) more interresting she has some stuff to trade sometimes when you're in need to have junk 's to start a settlement but at a heavy price) She has a background story , some quest, interferences with other companion like Piper, Mc Gready.... I like her. the great idea over the last two that there don't count as a companion. Vex an out balanced companion . She looks great but she is overpowered with her knife. Limited in conversation just a basic companion.Sttill some bugs when you dismiss her. But my favorite after more than 1000 hours of play is Ivy, Background story, heavy interferrecies in conversation with NPC, she is really alive.What a masterpiece !!! I'm still looking for her as a companion but like Heather or Barbara that she doesn't count as a companion just by the fact with her comments about Piper. For Far Harbor, I need to have Nick Valentine with me but I really can't travell in this adventure without Ivy. May be I'm in love with her (shhhh to my wife...)So i'm still to envisage two more playthrough with the BOS and the raider sides (the last one with Nukaworld). I don't play with a companion overhaull mod like AFT or others.
  9. I've so many proof that she is really alive... this is really disturbing me.... What can I say.... Reginald your mod is really a masterpiece !!!! So much thanking so far. Waiting to have Ivy with me in far harbor but you just remember me about he Vault 88. So i'm waiting for more
  10. Thanks dude I'll try this week-end. I'm in mission now far from my settlement in spectacle island. Well first all i 'm thankfully for the creator of this mod and to dibz666 to made it available now to the common people like me. Once again thanks !!! Welll i'will tryed it but this time if this mod can be expected to work as originally created by the creator, You did a lot to help here. Very apppreciated dibz666. Nice to see a guy helpfull with others in need. Hope the creator of this mod still appreciated., I hope so much... You're are great guys !!! shhh I've said
  11. Don't be rude with dibz666 he tryed to be helpfull !!
  12. Well.. in my game I've tryed your files and they appeared to be good. But I don't have any animarions working. No seat , no laying etc... Just like a brahmin milk or others stuff without animations. Nowadays you try to help guys who's are in need like my self with this mod. So I don't complaint anymore about the availability... I just wished that the animations were included. Nowadays thanks for sharing !!! I really appreciated this even if I wished more with the animations will be included.
  13. I've an another suggestion to be with Ivy as a companion that's she is not count as a "normal" companion like Heather Casdin or the wastelander barb. So you can take her with the "official" other companions in the games like Piper, Cait, Nick Valentine...I can't play without her but sometimes I'm in need to have some other companion like Piper (for a threesome ? or to just to finishing a mission with the right person. Just a suggestion !!! Ivy is the first companion who's it grateful to me to give her a stimpack...So you've envisaged every possibility with her... More and more amazing....I'm speechless !!!! Thanks you Reginald, Playing more and more that's girl it's really like a living being.... Is it expected or beyond your control ? I enjoy her so much...Kudos !!!!