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  1. for the stuck on "who is diamond quest" i had the exact same problem when i was running "immersive citizens" mod, it started working when i disabled it, and the skip scene in the MCM menu only works before triggering the scene, so enable it then talk to pike then disable it after the it's finished. and no you don't need the LE mod versions, just google the SE versions of the mod requirements and you'll be fine.
  2. i use Devious Devices 5 SE but i am using the Slaverun SE that is shared in the previous page and it working for me, the mod is quite buggy but damn it's fun
  3. okay, i got the mod to work somehow (mostly), but i still can't figure out why i still don't have a collar and an arm binding at the start of the enslavement, also i start at mostly submissive, is it because i surrendered ?
  4. hello everyone, i'm glad that everyone is enjoying the mod except for me (dying inside), i'm not sure if the mod is working correctly for me which i am leaning towards it is not, i tried the mod since morning and it literally took me the whole day to make it work so i gave up and i came here here seeking for help, when i get enslaved, my character is fully naked, no collar, no arm binding, nothing at all, and i only get 3 options when i chose "how can i serve you" option, either change my look, entertain me and leave me alone which i assume it's because i am only slave level 1, and when i choo
  5. hello, i found a bug, whenever i brawl someone when their health gets low they generate health like crazy, but when this mod is not active that doesn't happen
  6. i just got back to stellaris and i can't wait to see the changes that you made, i noticed under patches and fixes the patch for lustful void is not there anymore, is that an error or the patch is not needed anymore ?
  7. so your pictures make me want to play skyrim, when i play skyrim i remember your pictures then i want to play bannerlord, when i play bannerlord i see your pictures and make me want to play skyrim again, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!
  8. Hi, I had an error While trying to sneak into town “ using wrong category For the event of TB_capture_fighting_nostrip “
  9. that's tb events if i'm not mistaken, you can reduce the chance of those events happening by going to "modules/zTBcaptivityevents/events" those events are in TBCaptiveEventsFemale_Sexual.xml you can change the weightedchanceofoccuring to reduce how often they fire
  10. I did fully uninstalled ce before installing the new version, maybe it’s a tb bug
  11. game version 1.4.3 pardon my ignorance but do you want the log inside CE module logs or the one inside the program data ? Edit : there was an error at the bottom left screen that says "using wrong category for the event of CE_captivity_castle_taken_prisoner_sexual"
  12. bug report : game crashes when i get caught by the guards while trying to enter a city
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