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  1. I have a strange bug when I try kill enemy (bleeding or rope), I'm dying too, maybe someone had this?
  2. Help me people , i can't find Wicca Hunter 1.1 main files,maybe someone have them?
  3. yeah! The poor trolls do not have any animation of blowjob it's really sad for them.
  4. Nice pics mr. Funny Wat you use for face animation?
  5. Pretty nice work, can i ask you to finish some your early work?
  6. Nice work. But why not remove the broken version cbbe or add a fix in main download page?it confuses.
  7. Why all girls have so longish thing, I suppose, it's a bit uncomfortable?
  8. Wow!!! Suddenly, only the day before yesterday was a new part, and now new. Anyway it's really great, i love them.
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