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  1. DIY Mod I going to try something different with this release. Since this mod simply involves hiding parts of the costume, there is no need to package a bunch of files; I can just show you the source configuration file. [TextureOverride Skirt Inner] hash = 01d4d1c4 match_first_index = 22620 handling = skip [TextureOverride Skirt Outer] hash = 01d4d1c4 match_first_index = 44814 handling = skip [TextureOverride Skirt Trim] hash = 01d4d1c4 match_first_index = 48039 handling = skip [TextureOverride Sleeves] hash = 01d4d1c4 match_first_index = 216 handling = skip [TextureOverride Arm Bands] hash = 01d4d1c4 match_first_index = 40050 handling = skip Simply copy/paste this text into an empty INI file located somewhere under the "Mods" folder. This will completely hide the skirt and sleeves, like so: You can of course change what is hidden. See the spoiler below for a quick lesson. For example, by unhiding the Sleeves and Arm Bands: Or by leaving the Sleeves hidden, but unhiding the Arm Bands: Or by leaving only the Skirt Outer and Skirt Trim hidden:
  2. You'll need some extra configuration to make sure the index buffer is using the swapped model when performing the alpha test. There are many possible ways to do this. Ultimately, you'll need a line saying: checktextureoverride = ib for hash = 5c8cb360ba8afa6d (PixelShader) or b085f1d15d8e8418 (VertexShader). The more mods you have installed, the more likely you'll come across something already doing this. For me, the SR Innocence swap from the Fallen Pack was already doing this with this block of its configuration: [ShaderOverrideイノセンス・ノート+パッションTop4_PS] Hash = 5c8cb360ba8afa6d allow_duplicate_hash = overrule checktextureoverride = ib checktextureoverride = vb0 At the same time, I also had something similar in my own edited configuration for Nyotengu's Leaf Bikini swap from a costume pack to get around the same kind of transparency issue there. I suppose another possible fix is to skip the shader entirely, as explained in this post. Anyway, I hope that gives you a solution. Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to be sure to test my mods on their own to ensure this doesn't happen again. I'll probably update the mod at some point, but as you can see there are many possible solutions, and I need to think about it a bit to determine the best way forward. I'm guessing the pixel shader would be the better hash to use, as there tend to be many more of them, so the likelihood of having a conflict would theoretically be less. I also wonder if it would be better to use the predefined command lists from d3dx.ini (e.g. CommandListShadowMap or CommandListSkin). CommandListSkin, for example, has the added benefit of ensuring that any textures or meshes used with the shader are dumped during frame analysis.
  3. You can have both at the same time. While the index buffer is the same across all her towels, the vertex buffer is different. This creates a problem when using the same swapped body using the index buffer hash, but using the vertex buffer's hash instead solves this issue. You can find it by doing a frame analysis and checking the vb0=???????? (red) associated with the ib=???????? (blue) in the dumped files. Marie Towels Part IB VB0 Pink Body 885e072b 7a1abcdf Towel 8a5bbcb9 44062ee7 Black Body 885e072b 7a1abcdf Towel 8a5bbcb9 44062ee7 Striped Body 885e072b 7a1abcdf Towel 8a5bbcb9 44062ee7 White Body 885e072b 17c29d6c Towel 8a5bbcb9 44062ee7 Every one of them share the same IB/VB0 (and so are compatible with any common swap) except the White Towel's Body. So, changing 885e072b => 7a1abcdf will keep the old mods from breaking her new towel. And then using her new vb0 on the SSR (17c29d6c) instead of 885e072b will prevent the new body from interfering with the old.
  4. For the moment, my workaround has been to Disable the "tan.ini"s associated with the given suit, though there should definitely be a better way.
  5. Misaki Asari Preview This replaces Misaki's Asari suit with one in a constant wardrobe malfunction state (regardless of the setting) and removes the micro bikini underneath. The following bit of language is used to ensure the lace part of the suit is replaced. This may not be needed in a future release of 3Dmigoto. [ShaderOverrideClothesPS10] ; Asari Lace hash = 09f61c0ac6f12581 run = CommandListClothes
  6. Lei Fang Black Dress Preview Options No Dress: Collar ON (Default) No Dress: Collar OFF No Shoes (should be usable with anything else, or by itself) Note: Doesn't look good with standing poses.
  7. @DaGak I can tell you that you're combining parts of different mods that weren't designed to be used together. Are you trying to get a fully nude body underneath the original outfit mesh? That simply has not been done... yet anyway. In order to accomplish that, the body would have to be compressed where the clothes are tight (e.g. nipples pressed in), the clothes would have to expand to allow for the body being where it is already, or some combination of those two. The Transparency mod I made as standalone can be used with @knight77's texture, but not with any of the current body modifications (without clipping).
  8. I understand @knight77 was working on this suit too, and I encourage him (and anyone else) to continue working on this suit. What I've done is far from perfect, and my attempts to improve upon it only made things worse. Still, it's better than nothing, and represents just about all I'm comfortable doing with this suit, so I've decided to share what I've done so far at least, as I doubt I'll spend anymore time on this suit. Honoka Angel Preview Options Topless (Default) Topless (No Skirt) More Transparency (Note: This can be used by itself or with either or the above two options)
  9. @sinsitroy Find someone in the rankings or your friend list whose home screen character is wearing it.
  10. It's certainly possible, but I wouldn't want to take the time to make a mod for the lower model quality. It would require the same level of effort (again) to recreate the same mod for a much less appealing outcome. I would suggest updating your computer if you want to really enjoy the mods being made for this game. Unless someone in your same situation is also a modder and willing to make low quality model variants... but I'd guess most modders have a machine that's more than capable of rendering the high quality models.
  11. Actually, her outfit and hair style are in Black Desert Online as well, so if you make a kunoichi that looks like Mai, you essentially can play as her in BDO. But really, all of this if off-topic. @knight77 I believe in you, and Honoka does too.
  12. Thanks for the feedback and help acquiring the necessary frame analyses. I've updated the Topless Mermaid mod to include Luna/Honoka and Marie as well. Topless Mermaid v2.zip
  13. If anyone has it for Honoka or Marie, please set them as your home screen girl, equip it, and send me your game id. I can't mod for things I can't see.
  14. I though I'd share a modification to the Mermaid suit. I know it's been made topless before, but now it features 3D nipples. Note: In this screenshot, I'm also using the skirt removal, which is part of the standard Mod Pack, I believe. The included files only remove part of the top, so you can keep the skirt, if you like. Topless Mermaid v2.zip
  15. @ausgeek would probably be able to explain this better, but if my understanding is correct, there is likely a vertex shader in the ShaderFixes folder (whose hash matches that of the one used by the vertex buffer you are attempting to remove). In such a case, where there is an overriding shader, the shader's effects apply regardless of configuration. In order to stop the shadows from appearing, you would need to remove the overriding shader in the ShaderFixes folder, or edit the shader to allow its behavior to be bypassed and set up matching conditions in the configuration file (ini) to trigger that bypass.
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