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  1. ive had some success in SSE with YA but whenever i bump into an afflicted game crashes immediately and maybe one or two other things
  2. Best of luck finding help Bad Dog , I wish I could help but I am a mere script kiddie amongst these modding titans!
  3. I believe the CBBE patch is gunna a while since it requires editing texture files and i believe we dont have an artist atm
  4. I was just wondering if there was a CBBE patch yet? or do I even need one?
  5. Fantastic work so far BD cant wait to get my hands on a SSE version though ! i am not rushing you , still fiddling with oldrim.
  6. I am soo thankful to hear that Bad_dog got things workin out for em , such an unfortunate time to have computer troubles ,reminds me of the time my PSU had somthing blow . It made a loud cracking noise and smelled of burning XD .... good times :]
  7. bad dog you are a trooper keep it up dude , ive been lovin the new update cheers
  8. thanks for the new feathers , they dont give me radiation poisoning XD
  9. its a ongoing fix i believe but you can turn the feathers off alternatively with the brow shape slider in racemenu/ showracemenu
  10. just got back and yes one of those brow options did the trick thanks a bunch!
  11. ah yes i see i also opened it in nifskope i couldnt figure what the issue was though due to my ignorance of the file type and workings , i also just tried deleting the mesh but that just made the game crash, ill take another peak at it.
  12. it continues to glow at any angle ,also in addition to my previous post i have tried disabling everything but YA 5.0 and its requirements to no avail ,as for the feather it does change color somtimes but all are glowing colors i cant seem to find any setting in racemenu for it so i am currently diggin about place to locate the origin of it
  13. Hey i am currently working on an issue with this ghostly set of hair feathers I am not sure what mods doing it but I do know that I don't have any hair mods installed.
  14. I am loving 5.0 so far but I too have issues when I have nords(lykaios) in my FOV it gets pretty framey other than some optimization stuff for those new tails and that I think its amazing and I've been so glad to see those new textures for everyone, Super Awesome! Also I would be interested to know when an SE version would be available! keep up the fuzzy work fellas.
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