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  1. You might like Christianity Mod, which doesn't really go in this direction: https://christianitymod.wordpress.com
  2. Also, you need a cocooned one to make a scintillating pool. However, to make a cocooned one you need... a cocooned one. 😕 I remember you used to be able to make them in scintillating pools, but I can't tell if that's the case, because it's apparently not currently possible to make the pool.
  3. Also, the fountain (and the milk-fueled light fixtures) don't actually work as advertised. They use human milk as fuel, but don't produce iridescent milk.
  4. No. In the US copyright registration is just to make it easier to win copyright lawsuits--the copyright exists the moment the work is created. It's unlikely that there would ever be a lawsuit over a mod, but that doesn't mean the LL admins would want to take the chance. I think it's not really a question of legality so much as "is the author still alive and likely to complain." Oniki is still alive and active (at least on Patreon), it's just KW that was abandoned.
  5. It was early June. However, it will basically never be "legal" to post here. Keep in mind that this site is based in the US. US copyright law is fairly complicated, but can be summed up as: Anything created before Mickey Mouse is out of copyright, and anything created after Mickey Mouse will never be out of copyright.
  6. Thanks, that gave me the idea of giving myself a shampoo via console, and then discarding it as soon as I'd fixed my character's starting hair.
  7. I'm giving this a try, and I can't figure out how to keep my character's starting hairstyle. As soon as I accept the option to control hair growth, it gets replaced with a (shorter) vanilla hairstyle. I added the hairstyle I want to start with as a custom hairstyle in the MCM (it's from a Witcher 3 hairs mod), and I've triple-checked that I have the correct ID and that the length I set matches what I choose when the mod prompts for it. I thought the problem might be that the custom hairstyles can't be enabled until after the initial prompts from the mod, so I tried telling it not to control h
  8. I gave this a try, and found that the effects setting tab in the MCM is empty except for a filter control, which has "show all" as its only option.
  9. Where in the main Bannerlord installation's folder? I put it in Modules, it doesn't appear. I move it up a level to the main folder, it still doesn't appear.
  10. I'm afraid it didn't quite work out. As best I can tell from the current directions, I'm supposed to put the extracted TBCaptivityEvents folder into the Modules folder alongside zCaptivityEvents. However, when I do this, I only see "Captivity Events" in the Bannerlord launcher's mod list. Any chance you could be more specific again?
  11. No. Even if it did, the induced lactation never goes away, and even though my afflicted pawn has reached the maximum size, I periodically get notifications about their size increasing. If there were a surgery to reduce their size, I'd just have to keep redoing it over and over.
  12. The lactation induction causes the pawn's breasts to begin growing until they hit the largest size, which has a -80% movement and manipulation penalty. That puts her very close to incapacitated by itself. Throw in the -5% consciousness from passing near an urchin tendril plant, or the pain increase from full breasts, and it downs her. If she also gets pregnant, she'll be bedridden from the middle stage on.
  13. And one more: the nephilim urchin plants seem to be permanently stuck at 5% grown.
  14. A couple more bugs: the spore induced libido affects mechanoids. Also, I found this when clicking on a nephila settlement on the world map. There were several other nephila settlements that didn't have this problem.
  15. Here are a couple more quests with bugged descriptions:
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