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  1. Well. Thank you. And I gotta say, they do look pretty good for where they are at right now. Thanks for the help everybody but I guess this is case closed!
  2. I already have that mod... Still not sure how it works
  3. I tried resizing the dick to 5 and heres what happend: The penis was too big for her mouth, so I put the size all the way down to 1. And that helped a lot. However her lower lip still seems to be out of whack. Anyone know anything that would allow me to make her mouth change to a certain way during the animation?
  4. Now that I have SOS, I need to animate her lips to move around the dick. How do I do this? Are there better blowjob animations out there? How can I make it to where her teeth are out of the way and shes actually gonna suck and not just munch on it.
  5. Is there a way to make it to where the guys dick will actually go into the players mouth? Currently my characters mouth is too small for his dick. What male body will give a normal sized penis for my characters mouth? And how can I make her lips hug it perfectly? I'll show you what I'm talking about with the pictures below.
  6. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling all the DD mods. Turns out I had installed them incorrectly. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. For some reason whenever I walk forward, she goes into this Catwalk type bitch-suit animation (Images Below), and I believe Devious Devices is causing this problem. Maybe its my load order, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling DDa DDx and DDi. But unfortunately that didn't fix it. Also ran FNIS multiple times. Looks like Im gonna have to play without DD for a while... Heres my mod load order. (images below) Please help!
  8. Every time my character uses the pillory animation, the pillory is invisible. I need help and Im new to modding. Heres my mods list.
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