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  1. Zed123

    RimWorld Sex Mod - RimJobWorld [RJW]

    Awesome, that's even better I could have hoped.
  2. Zed123

    RimWorld Sex Mod - RimJobWorld [RJW]

    If you take genitals away, your fully upgraded bionic super dude is like Six Million dollar man. What's the point of having all that power, if you don't have a dick, yo? It needs that bionic penis to be slapped on. I would say importance of genitals in Rimworld goes beyond some random combat damages. Body modifications are already core part of the game and go well withing the spirit of the game. (other mods also acknowledge this and go their ways to add them, you have bionics for pets, tails for orassans, parts for mostergirls, etc) Since RJW original author did good job with the genital system (+other tweaks after that), you could for example: add hydraulic vagina that comfort cumslut, give microdick that guy that irks you, make girls of the colony all futas, make that sissy guy have boypussy, neuter your piratelord rival, etc etc. Sure, most of those examples are dark, but Rimworld is god game and you are the overlord. While lovey dovey frontier colonies where you snuggle cat people are fun and giggles, there is also darker Rimworld, filled with bondage and forced bodymodificiations, where your colonists are cannibalistic slave trading raiders, lead by mad medical scientist doing horrifying experiments helpless tribal people, while funding his next gold coated bathroom upgrade with all the harvested dicks he sold to Glitterworlds. Compatibility is problem when mods get more complex and spread out, but removing already working feature is not good. It's better try search somebody with modding talent, spare time and similar interests to do the patch, and if that doesn't work like things usually doesn't work well in life, then you'll have make sacrifices with your mod selection. I had to drop Orassans too, shame, it was nice mod even though the cats ended most of the time dismembering my people. If they manage unify Alien framework then perhaps it eases making patches, but who knows. ps. this might come as slightly passionate post, but no offense intended.
  3. Zed123

    Dwarven Amputee

    Personally for now I'm just using lite version for NPC captives quests in my lair cozy home. You can get them wear it either by using puppet master / follower overhaul mod, but fastest way is to use console command (even during sexlab animations): help amputee equipitem refid You might also want check sexlab strip settings and select npc (or yourself) wearing amputee armor to "never remove", rather than doing all torso, legs and hand strip options which would affect to other npcs as well. In case of using defeat, might have to temporarily disable Player Aggressor NPC torso strip option since it overrides sexlabs (and maybe redress too, since it sometimes seems to equip their vanilla clothes after sexy time) Several of the zaz bound/furniture animations work well with puppets which you leave waiting you while you go on your adventures.
  4. Nice to hear it worked for you. This trying to figure out all the mods, tweaks and combinations can be pain. I have been doing nearly full week some mod adding related stuff after getting new SSD and moving there my game, old mods, gazillion of new mods and trying to figure out Mod Organizer and how to get them all work together without my computer exploding. Getting close to the point where I might finally be able to start playing the game, I hope.
  5. Get Schlong controller and Racemenu plugin from here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/20826-sos-equipable-schlong-and-more/ They work stand alone with male Schlong light version as well. Controller ring lets you move schlong during sex scenes, and racemenu plugin lets you edit schlong sizes ingame. That topic has good directions how to edit .nif skeleton too. I recommend first using showracemenu plugin ingame to try different schlong sizes before editing .nifs to get good idea which settings work. After that edit skeletons to give NPCs global schlong sizes. It's quite easy if following those directions. Your own schlong sizes can always be modified ingame using showracemenu after that too. If having texture problems with Light Schlong version, here's the fix which worked for me: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/42760/?
  6. Screenshots of that hair?
  7. Zed123


    Sexlab Submit is good way to both plant and remove soulgems since you can rob NPCs. Also check your change of producing child, it's 0% by default if you haven't altered it in MCM.
  8. Zed123

    Defeat or Submit

    In Submit you can sneak grapple full health NPCs, if you do that when they are sleeping you get bonus to skill check, if you fail and they go aggro, then you'll just have to beat them a bit and do combat grapple/shout until they submit. Only against targets in combat you need health less than 90%. If that's too hard, you can get yourself +25% bonus to aggressive skill checks in MCM menu. Tho in my experience getting NPCs to submit isn't hard at all with default settings. Submit in Sexlab Submit doesn't originally mean player submitting, that feature was added to the mod only after it was requested several times. Mod was originally aimed against bandits factions, now it has many other (optional) features too. It works rather well against city NPCs as well, as long as you are bit discreet where you'll try to get them submit (on the street on front of the guard probably isn't smartest place). You'll get -2 relations with NPCs you force, which is only fair roleplay wise, and works nicely what I have experienced as you'll get cold greeting. If you think NPC is important, you might want instead try courting them. You can always improve relations with them later by trying to seduce or bribe them, tho this is harder skill check than forcing them. Trust me, it's much better with skill checks, gives it depth and keeps it interesting. Running with bit bounty over your head isn't bad either if you fail in attempt, fits for a douche character you are playing, it's cheap to pay it off too since it's only assault bounty (40g) if you so wish as long as you don't stain your hands with blood, and if you do, leave no witnesses. Try the mod, it's probably what you are looking for.
  9. Zed123

    Paradise Halls and sexlabs

    Selling slaves in Fellglow slave camp can also break Paradise Halls, so it's better to avoid doing that if you don't want your PAH stop working.