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  1. anyone have an idea why this might happen, as far as I can tell there is only 1 mod altering the terrain in windhelm so not sure why the dock is covered like this.
  2. it shouldn't but your antivirus log should be able to tell you if it is causing issues
  3. something to note. you might need to check the state of the village before assigning the equipment recovery quest. the one my equipment ended up in was being raided, it was then left abandoned so I couldn't complete the quest and lost my gear. shortly after I was taken by bandits and the quest was assigned to that same abandoned village.
  4. I found a duplicate, CE_common_slavery_settlement, it might be the same issue
  5. sounds to me like you need to replace your regent, he is spending your money in your daughters name.
  6. looks like your modlib is out of date. also I don't think CE will work with the version of bannerlord you are on. and lastly I think modlib needs to load before CE so either downgrade to the CE version that worked on 1.2.1 and upgrade modlib to the 1.2.1 version. or upgrade to the current stable version for the base game and both mods
  7. LL gets updated first, but the latest stuff does still get to nexus so not that surprising
  8. are you referring to the clan tier bar? that only appears when you get to 50 renown
  9. I thought you guy would get a kick out of this. so the other day I get out of dungeon captivity from one of the towns after a few fun events and need to run so I click on inventory to equip a horse. I notice I have access to a large amount of equipment in the discards pane. thinking a bug happened with this mod I disable it and go back in, however the items are still there. so I start a new game, items are still there. verify files, items are still there delete entire game folder and redownload start new clean save, items still there. suddenly this morning I recall using the dev console mod to enable cheats while trying to find out how far in the negative my renown had gone. but I never disabled it again assuming it would only effect the temp save which I had created for that exact purpose. tl:dr I wasted about 4 days trying to find a bug which didn't exist because I assumed a mod functioned in a way it didn't.
  10. in the steam menu where you would opt in for the beta, the list actually has all versions available, so you can choose the version you want to stay on there.
  11. I was afraid of that, guess I'll be hunting a lot of bandits/looters(trying not to get caught and degraded further)
  12. Howdy. Been a while since I was on LL but when I got this game I knew where I'd find the best mods. Played with this one on for a little while and made a bad decision early in the game. or should I say a few bad decisions 😜 anyway noticed tat my renown on the starting quest was permanently at 0, after a bit of digging(there is no way to find your current renown before you hit tier 2) I found by adding some renown to my clan I had -130 renown. so I guess my question is; is there a way in the event to not drop the renown below 0 or is this expected behaviour edit: I should probably have mentioned I'm on 1.2.1 of the game
  13. that is correct Edit: I think we might have confused the situation, mine is working fine komupuro might need to re-install bruma, I see on nexus the textures are part of the main mod
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