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  1. please tell me i'm not the only one who is hyped for the possibilities that T7 is gonna offer to nude modders... considering that the game is gonna be out in about 80 or so days, it would be cool to know what you guys expect from the modding community, Tekken games have always been overlooked when it comes to NSFW mods, so i hope someone will make T7 justice, considering that it's even gonna be the last game of the franchise...
  2. one good thing would be more sliders for body shape and breasts, player customization atm is not that great IMHO
  3. you are a damn god. Unlike that other guy who was working on it more than a year ago and never finished it but couldn't help bragging about the "secrecy" of his work. Great mod.
  4. I already have SC4 Nude Version but can't find a working mod for the 5th game... Is anyone is willing to look it up i would be glad to donate something for the hassle of making a ps3 version of it!!
  5. Fair enough, I'll take a chance. Soul Calibur V Nude Mod (v1.3) Credits: MrFluffles (Mesh), Itze (Texture) Should go without saying, but a JTAG/RGH console is required to install this mod. To install, simply copy the CPK file into the game directory. Be sure to backup the original CPK file before overwriting it with the mod file. To use, select a character in Creation mode and remove all of her equipment. Is this gonna work on a JTAG PS3? I tried to patch the iso file with a nude mod found online... it was a XBOX360 patch but the files were the exact same in both games so i tried. As soon as i try to load a female model the game just infintely loads and forces me to restart the system... Please make it work for PS3!
  6. Still looking for a PS3 Soul Calibur 5 nude mod... i don't wanna have to buy a XBOX360 for that!

  7. mmhh... is the video still up?? Whenever i try to disable the Family Filter, i get the white screen with "NOT FOUND" written on it. I wonder if it's something on my end causing the issue? Or maybe Dailymotion removed it....
  8. I have a modded ps3, but unfortunately i didn't find an available PS3 iso to get. Well, i guess i'll have to learn this stuff by myself and try fiddling with PS3's files... thanks for the tip guys!!
  9. having my PS3 undergoing downgrade, so i will be able to enjoy some NSFW Soul Calibur fun!!!!

  10. Ok, i guess this site is mainly focused on pc games mods, but i stumbled upon this site claiming to have a RRXX nude patch... the only pic it shows it's pretty convincing, but i wonder if anyone has tried this mod out??? Do you think it is legit?? I would test it myself but i don't have a JTAGed XBOX soooo... just wondering here's the link with the downloadable patched game http://www.gamerlz.com/rumble-roses-xx-nude-patched-xbox360-usa-god.html
  11. Good to hear that at least the Quiet nude mod is not going to waste... at least not for now. Thank you to all the guys who are working on it! Too bad the Konami goons are doing everything in their power to undermine the non-gameplay related modding experience for all of us to enjoy... damn bastards!!!
  12. Seriously thinking about learning SFM for my kinky NSFW animation needs...

  13. 3DM version works just fine until the mission 46. Once you complete it you get stuck in an endless loading screen which makes your savestate useless, though there's no way to actually get to mission 50 (the "last" one) from there, unless you download a savestate from another player...
  14. For Kojima, and the loss of impending unclad B&B Corp scenes/boss battles, this truly is to his farewell to Metal Gear. Yeah. Too bad the Beauty&Beast Corps didn't make it to be completely naked in the final game as Hideo intended. I understand it would have been a problem for the rating/censoring of the game, but hey, after all there is always a workaround for us pc players thanks to truly dedicated modders
  15. Oh boy, i can't avoid shedding a little tear of happiness seeing you guys joining forces. I can hear those bastard Konami interns shivering in fear from here ("Damn it, they messed up with our undecryptable models again!!!")
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