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  1. Okay, I've read in the LE thread that start mod is always greyed out and you just need to go in the brothel to start the mod. ...When I go into the brothel, I get a CTD, even on a new game. This mod doesn't like me.
  2. I can't start the mod. Says Status: Stopped and "Start mod" is greyed out. Tried: - Run without any High Heels stuff -> Didn't even load the mod - Old HDR High Heel Framework -> Above bug - High Heel Fix instead of Framework -> Above bug Did run FNIS of course. Also says "Sex scenes running: No" Any ideas?
  3. Site is very quick for me today, maybe it has been fixed? Or is it because it's 4800 users at the moment instead of 6500?
  4. You can get to the downloads section? Consider yourself lucky. lol I haven't been able to access downloads for over a week, constant 504 error. It was stated in other threads that it's most likely due to the high user count LL is facing at the moment.
  5. Open Hardware Monitor or SpeedFan, you can enable logging in both. I'd personally use Open Hardware Monitor. Click on options, check log sensors and it should save all logs to the folder the .exe is in
  6. Install a hardware monitor which logs the max temperatures of your hardware and the usage (as in percentage of CPU, GPU and RAM use) A wheezing noise followed by a restart might be a hardware component switching to overheat protection. Or is it rather sounding like sound hanging? (Kinda like "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR") That might be a driver issue or a Windows Update that broke something.
  7. And to think "Murder hornets found" was the worst news and everyone was shocked beginning of this year lol "This can't get worse" and then...boom.
  8. Okay so I'm a bit stuck here. Problem: Frost Troll - no erect state on "wild" variants, Hentai Creatures seem to work If I leave "CreatureFrameworkUtil.pex" in script folder, it tells me Creature Framework has been downgraded and I'm not able to access the MCM anymore without being told CF is registering, basically CF is not accessible anymore. BUT: It correctly changes the state to erect when the animation begins. If I delete "CreatureFrameworkUtil.pex" in script folder, CF works again but no erect state on wild variant (the one you encounter while travelli
  9. The slot system I know, but shouldn't that affect the slot only if you equip something to it? Or does Sims "reserve" those slots and just unequips one of the items? Or can you equip and hide items? Maybe a mod equips them to have them ready and just hides them? Weird stuff, but glad it's working now.
  10. Figured it out! It was the long nails mod which Nisa lists as requirement that caused this. Well it's a mod from 2016, but still not sure why it messes with the eyes, even tho I'm not really using them, just had them installed.
  11. Heyo everyone, anyone had this before and can give me some input on what to check? I noticed my eyes being totally messed up, seems the game loaded the default eyes. Loaded in CAS with cas.fulleditmode and yes, default eyes were loaded. (See "Eyebug 1") Swapped eyes again to what I need and it was okay again. (See "Eyebug 2") Now when I hit save and go back to livemode, the default eyes are loaded again. (see "Eyebug 3") Any help would be appreciated! -Kitsune
  12. Yup, and that's placed in the Documents folder. Some security apps get really paranoid.
  13. Do you have a security application blocking something? I know my Bitdefender can be a bit strange when it comes to access control. I basically need to whitelist every game that wants to access or change something in the Documents folder.
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