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    SL anims via activators

    Imho for some animations with anim objects by nibbles, leito and funny biz this makes much sense. For some of the 'solo' animations with dildo I created idle markers which isn't that difficult even for a noob like me. Here Fores explains how to add animations to idle objects. But I don't know how you could do that for paired animations as there are two characters needed for activiation? Somehow the activator had to be triggered. F. e.: actor 1 enters object could triggers the activator. Don't know.
  2. GregorSamsa

    Hidden Script?

    Curious how they did 'hunters jacuzzi camp' northwest of Darkwater Crossing I had a look at it in CK. For the invisible chairs there seems to be a a script called 'EHNekkidChairScript' - what would mean there's already an undress script in the base game. Strange thing is - this script doesn't show up in the script list in CK so I can't use it. I know nothing about papyrus and scripts - so I'd like to ask if there's something I can do to make this script usable for custom content - if it's set to 'invisible' or something else? Also - I can't find it as a file (extracted even the bsa). Somebody knows about this base game strip script and knows a way to make it usable?
  3. If someone knows a free accessible download link for this two followers - next election I would vote her/him for president: http://kp4068.tistory.com/1376 http://kp4068.tistory.com/1377 Thank you.
  4. Age verification requires South Korea's equivalent of a social security number. But why they do that? Because they have an "anti bullying" law that mandates that all Korean websites tie registered users to a real user, so if a user starts trolling/harrassing people, the police can find them and go after them. I'm not kidding, I wish I was. The result is that many Korean sites have become a "walled garden" only accessible to people with a Korean citizenship number that they can use to register to see the site. Reading this I can't understand why then so many modders hide their content in this 'walled gardens'. In my opinion this is like 'I don't want to share with strangers'. But perhaps they don't realize how they exclude the world outside from their content? Just my five cents. Most likely they just haven't given it much thought. Maybe some ot them are like that, but i think most of them dont share their mods on english sites because of the people that spam offensive messages like "oh god this is a child? You're sick!", "Oh god this is so not immersive, kill yourself", "I hate anime mods it ruins this game", or "Please launch your follower in 'x' body/texture", etc etc, some modders just don't care, but there others that are really sensible when dealing with haters. Not sure if it's that i'm just guessing. Hm. There are some 'teenager mods' also in the nexus and I didn't notice people are complaining that much. It seems obvious in a game where children are running around in every citiy there's missing something in between aduldts and children. Also this manga looking stuff/style (I personally think it doesn't fit the world of skyrim well) - from a western point of view it turns everyone into a a childish/fairytale look. If you look at christian painting in the renaissance era or more even in the art nouveau (with was inspired by eastern art) you could discover the exact same approach how to create holyness. Young, almost androgynous bodies, long blond hair, pale alsmost lighting skin - all those elements - all in all expressions of transcendent figures. Well all those figures called 'child-like' they are much more innatural, artificial instead - far above any reality. To turn those 'angelic figures' into a subject of porn mght be a transfer of 'salvation fantasies' from religion to sexuality. But I wont discuss this any further. There is too much phobia on the one side and too much horniness on the other side - and to discuss art in between those forces would need a dispassion this site never was made for.
  5. Age verification requires South Korea's equivalent of a social security number. But why they do that? Because they have an "anti bullying" law that mandates that all Korean websites tie registered users to a real user, so if a user starts trolling/harrassing people, the police can find them and go after them. I'm not kidding, I wish I was. The result is that many Korean sites have become a "walled garden" only accessible to people with a Korean citizenship number that they can use to register to see the site. Reading this I can't understand why then so many modders hide their content in this 'walled gardens'. In my opinion this is like 'I don't want to share with strangers'. But perhaps they don't realize how they exclude the world outside from their content? Just my five cents.
  6. GregorSamsa

    FootIK crash.

    Yes. It's simply that you didnt notice the stuttering before because you had the crash instead. But most probably they are differen't effects of the same issue. You could try in crashfix.ini to set AlignHeapAllocate=0 But be aware: then you may encounter crashes when using custom sliders (f.e. bodyslide, schlongs) in racemenu. But performance during gaming will be better. Otherwise the only solution is to reduce the amount of hd graphics, graphic details and scripts. I had an interesting discussion about that I with Sacremas earlier in this thread. It#s about to find a playable balance between script-intense and graphic intense mods. It's not possible to have 'all' and how powerfull your machine is counts only partially as Skyrim isnt able to take all of the advantages your machine may offer. That's what basically ENB does and why it may be called a 'driver'. It tries to get in between Skyrim and your hardware drivers and take better advantage f.e. of DirectX commands. [Other causes for stuttering: papyrus logging, bad graphic settings in skyrim.ini. Editing "uGridsToLoad" is quite problematic as this value is related to many other settings that have to be changed accordingly. Most of the things you can read online were found by experimenting/observation and therefore can't be generalized to be working on every machine. After years of playig around with these settings - I, personally, found, that default settings are working best. I found this article very informative, but also this, mainly based on individual experimenting] The error message crashfixes throws, 'footIK crash', is missleading. IK stands for 'inverse kinematics' - that means how feet are about to follow the body (this is a inversion of the normal animation were body would follow the feet position - simply spoken: if you move a node of the skeleton how the other nodes follow can be inversed, so the role of leading bone and child bone can be changed). So the meaning of this error message seems to be related to skeleton/animation, but this never would cause a crash on load. So forget about the name of this error message. It's simply that Skyrim can't handle the amount of information (same happen on stuttering) - so this error message could also be called 'handIK crash' or 'hipIK-crash' doesnt matter - and reducing the amount of animations may help, but its just to reduce processed data untill it becomes stable, it is not really a fix. To fix this problem you would have to redo the skyrim engine itself. So to get rid of the stuttering by disabeling the stability features of ENB brings the crash message back and to turn the features on brings the stuttering back - as both are only different results of the same issue. [Edit - sorry for the many spelling errors, it's a combination of inability and a weak keyboard]
  7. GregorSamsa

    Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Man ... had to go and clean my glasses first to see some outfit here. Don't know if it' possible to get any closer to wearing nothing. But I second this. A download link would be nice.
  8. Nothing against you or your work but I prefer all this kinky stuff done on my followers. I'm just kinda on the other side of the spectrum here. But thanks anyways. While we are here though, think you can recommend a few dom-oriented mods as opposed to most of the mods here that are more sub-oriented? I can't say I've seen any, at least not enough to have paid attention. I don't tend to look for the other side of the spectrum though Anyone else know of some Dominate your followers type mods ? I had similar thoughts and even if I like this package as its elements - furniture, items, animations - are well put together and it's a perfect punishment framework - on the other hand I always was disappointed I can't make more use of them and many of the animations I rarely saw ingame and mods that add spells you can browse through the animations aren't 'gaming' and it's not the same as making use of the furniture. I always thought it should be more this way: you put the furniture with ck or with console/positioner and when you click on the furniture there might something like the easy wheelmenu and you get several action (whipping, spanking, toying, fucking etc.) to choose. With all the mods for player homes and follwers it would be quite easy to set up player homes into a brothel or punishment dungeon - if I had only found an 'easy to use' way to take several actions on the zaz furniture. There are even some animations from third party animation packages for the x-cross and the pillory. I never saw them ingame - as to my knowledge there aren't any mods that make use of this third party animations from funny biz and nibbles. They are like 'nominal members' on my hard drive. How I wish there would be an easy way (for non 'specialist' modders) to attach several actions to the furniture - so you could easily build up your own dungeon- as it's quite simple to place the furniture everywhere you like. But then - I can't do more then telling my follower to get into the pillory. All further actions (as I understood) must be done by scripts an therefore need other mods to realize them. It would be great to have some tool that makes it possible for not so experienced modders to attach also actions (activators?) on the furniture. So you wouldn't need an entire quest/scenario mod. If you had an 'action wheel' with certain actions popping up if you click the furniture - i think it would be easy just to replace the hkx files to integrate different actions for your personal taste (from third party f.e.). There are so many nice player homes/castles/buildings of any kind already available. IMHO the goal should be to have tools to turn them into something nasty. There are tools to replace the furniture easily. But then - at last for me, and even maybe I don't get it - it stops here. I cant place/take further 'actions'. So IMHO the only thing missing - is to attach 'actions' to the already existing stuff (like idle markers and 'action furniture', like an action wheel or further dialogs) to attach them in an easy way to all those stuff. I can't remember anymore where exactly - but I saw a nice animation here of giving a blowjob at the edge of the bed (giver kneeling in front). I never saw it in game. And that's were I thought there should be a way to place such animations the same way as you place other objects. It's not done with placing furniture if you can't attach 'special action' to it. Imagine a mod that would be able to do this via a menu - to attach special actions to a furniture. Wouldn't this give us the freedom to setup 'sex-houses' and 'sex-castles' of any kind? For many animations its totally o.k. that they are randomly played via the sexlab framework and driven by spells or dialog. But f.e. all the hot pillory animations in the zaz package - in my opinion they aren't designed for 'random action' they should be 'directed' by commands. That's why I came up with the easy wheelmenu. I don't want to wait untill they might happen, I want to direct them. When I got my followers into the pillory I want to choose what I do next. I only know 'Prison Ovwerhaul' (patched) to take advantage of those animations of the zaz package, but they are driven by chance and I have to commit a lot of crimes to 'enjoy' the variety this package offers. But then - if you're a male player? If I want to be dominant? Would need another mod .. No, again, I don't think so. The only thing that's missing is some kind of command wheel to direct what action to perform at the furniture. And that's all to make things perfect. Just my five cents.
  9. GregorSamsa

    Weird Butt Glitch

    IMHO this is related to the body mesh/body weight. Most probalby to weight paints, if it only appears when the body bends over and disappears when turning back. Now, as I don't use All in one HDT Vagina, can't say if it's initially there or caused by a slider that isn't 'compatible' with this mesh, so turning a certain slider would cause this distortion. But if you firm with outfit studio just load the body into it and have a look at the weights first. Not shure if you can edit weight paints manually in bodyslide. But if, then this would be the point I would start. Make a backup of your body mesh folder first than you're save to try to smooth weights on this particular body part. Otherwise you could try this - make a backup of your bodymesh an reinstall the body mesh and check if it's there by default. If no, at least you could avoid this distortion by trying to find the bodyslider that causes it and then to avoid using this slider. But that would be a 'workaround'.
  10. Sexlab is an excellent source for animations, lately I picked up almost a hundred good looking dance moves. Shure I want to make use of them now. But the mods I could find, working with spells, wasn't what I had in mind. I want to have dancers in my castle dancing by their own - like they playing lute - for the dragonborns pleasure, without having them forced by spells. So I made some activators in ck, small rugs and I want to assign follwers to this rugs and they should cycle through some dances till I tell them to get off the rug. And with creating several rugs (with different idles) I can get all the different dances to work in game. Sadly I know nothing about scripting. I thought you just add the idle as a property to the activation script - but they won't perform the idles this way. It seems there's needed a script telling "start idel 1 when fnished play idle 2 ... restart with idle 1" ... well don't know. I couldn't imagine I'm the first one looking for such a script and googled around and couldn't find one. But as I'm no english speaker I may also use wrong keywords. So my question: does someone knows such a script I could use? Or give the poor noob some direction ... Thank you
  11. GregorSamsa

    [Skyrim] Thoughts about load order

    And finally I discovered - I posted this in the 'technical support' forum? Really? My apologizes - totally wrong place. I thought I've been posting in the general discussion forum. Man, yes - this really doesn't belong here. Now I understand a little better ...
  12. GregorSamsa

    [Skyrim] Thoughts about load order

    You mean, given as a rule from a site - it shouldn't be discussed or thought over anymore? If someone states to post your credit card number is a rule, you wouldn't rethink it because it's a rule? Can't understand this argument. Asking for private data on the net - shouldn't normal behavior be to ask yourself: why? And then: how is my privat data handled if I hand it over? But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm doing wrong to question and I shouldn't care. After all - this argument is valid: it's not my business what other people do here. To give them some peace of mind I'll delete the entry post. To make this such a 'case' as if I had interest to make people 'ashamed' and 'trolling' - and many other accuses in a few days - this really wasn't my intend. I was interested to discuss the matter, not to find myself in the middle.
  13. GregorSamsa

    [Skyrim] Thoughts about load order

    What makes you think I try that people feel ashamed? I'm posting here my thoughts as frankly as this was my own living room - we're practically sharing the same sofa when we discuss here. Now I make people feeling ashamed of the sofa I'm sitting next to them? No, I can't buy that. Maybe we have a diferent view on this as for me my sexuality, my peferences, the things that make me horny - that's my privacy. People should enjoy their sexuality. But me, I can enjoy it far better, if there's no one in my back while I'm wanking who's shaking his head about my behavior. And the best way to achieve this - in my opinion - is to keep public away from my sexuality. And these are my concerns, my worries about posting things in public. I got tired of this discussion - it's all a demonstration of that what I was talking about. I shared my thoughts and immediatly I get public pressure on those thoughts. You can read it in this thread - the way public opinion puts pressure on the individual. And with sexuality it's the same. I'm not talking about beeing ashamed, not at all. But keep your sexuality as private as possible. That's the only chance to not have it manipulated by other peoples opinion. Look at you - how we like to be moral teachers to each others ... educators, advisors. If you want peace of mind, if you want your sexuality beeing something delightfull - try to keep them all out. And those, who post here to accuse me - just to raise hell without any valid thought - don't you think they exactly thrying this: make me feel ashamed of my opinion, blame me in public, make a pervet out of me? How funny. Man, on this website you can get more preaching than in St. Peters Basilica. Just open your mouth and have a 'non standard opinion'. Only difference is attitute. But it isn't that moral eagerness on sexlab was less manipulative than in vatican palace.
  14. GregorSamsa

    [Skyrim] Thoughts about load order

    Reading this - for a moment I had to think what would have been if the girl would have taken a list your load order from her pocket and said: "Look what a pervert - that are her mods from skyrim!" Most probably your commander would have responded: "This is what from what?" So maybe, yes - I' worring to much. As one don't really need your load order from a game to accuse you. This can be done always - from out of nothing. So, after reading this, have too agree. The 'offending-potential' of a mod list might not be as high as I thought initially. It has only this potential for moralizers. And normally they have influence only as long as they have a certain entertainment value. I think that was the point for the people around - this girl had a certain entertainment value for them by running around and telling 'dirty storys'. But when things become really serious - to trial - it's not that the voice of moralizers outmatch the voice of rationalism. And therefore I have to agree that a 'dirty mod list' may be something like this girl - a "much ado about nothing".
  15. GregorSamsa

    [Skyrim] Thoughts about load order

    Well, maybe I delete this sentence. In my opinion you are right, for most people games and real life are different things. Most people watch movies where the hero shoots every bad guy down and they enjoy it when all the bad guys are killed. Me too. But for most people that doesn't mean they will copy this attiude/behavior and shoot down every bad guy in real life. There is no such correspondance between fiction and real life, even if people argue there was. Most of the time it isn't that way. It would be fatuous to think someone who uses slavery mods is a sadist in real life. Regarding games most of us are perverts, regarding real life most of us are not. What I meant is much more subtile. There are attidudes imprinted much deeper than those game related things and you will tend to copy them. For example social behavior, social competence, things you are used to since childhood. Certain things we will tend to repeat in gaming. But at the end it doesn't matter. It's not that it has any importance how good I can match your personality. Let me give you an example. There is a colleague at work that hates you and thibk of some payback. and he finds out your active on SexLab and he finds a a load order you posted. And now he tells to other colleagues what a pervert you are. doesn't matter if you are or not and what the word means and if you match the meaning. He will abuase the information to make a 'construction'. You - yourself - you might think this manic guy don't know nothing about me. But what does it count? Maybe you are right and the whole word don't know nothing about you. At the end only this picture counts - the picture other people are drawing of you. You maybe you for yourself. but the public person is only a picture. This is what I meant. You can make a picture of somebody from its mod list. If this picture is true or false nobody cares except of you. For me, personally, 'Lady Di' is the most impressive example for this phenomenon. Who knows who she really was, who knows her real personality? At the end the only important thing was -people had material for their fantasies. Their draw their picture of her. She is someone that exists only in pictures. Millions of pictures. Don't know, if I explain that very well. Regarding this, she's probably the most abused 'personality' in the world. People make everything of her - a saint, a whore - whatever you want. That may be the point. That your download order can be abused to create a picture of you: 'the incredible perverted skyrim modder'. And what I meant - try to avoid material that can be abused to make pictures of you. not that I believe the picture I make of you will match you. that's totally not the point. Nobody cares if this picture matches you as the only one who knows if this picture matches you for real is you - yourself. But who cares? In public counts only the picture - not who you really are.