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  1. It would be cool to know if there were any hidden models, but as far as I knew these are it. Though I only knew about maybe three or four of them. I think its really down to preference but personally I like RP's Feet.
  2. That's very good! I like it. I also love the scenery choice. Aether Suite makes almost every screenshots good.
  3. There by any chance some way to get the sources for some of the images used in this mod?
  4. Here is the link to the server. Its ready enough for people to join. https://discord.gg/QQNfxfhEhk
  5. I'm going to be honest, I totally forgot about this. So much has come up in that I hadn't had the time. I'll have the link here by this weekend.
  6. It is based on a Halofarm mod, theres been a few equippable hands, tongues, and feet mods by him/her over the years. I think they're usually for posing and screenshots though. Its been a while so it may be different now?
  7. Are there any pictures there though? Also two questions for the owner if she sees this. Can just anyone post there and what would some rules for uploads?
  8. Seems the vote aimed toward yes. I will post the invite here once its ready. This will take time.
  9. I will be closing the poll at midnight on January 1st EST.
  10. I was thinking if it would be beneficial to have an official discord for the club, where players can chat and share.
  11. Its a common issue among developers. They get some idea and move to a new project leaving old projects while they work on new ones, which tend to never be looked at again. Especially when they feel the old projects are too high maintenance. I'm not saying that's what's going on here but as a developer myself I can relate.
  12. Ah well thats fine. Its a great mod either way.
  13. I'm sure this question may have been answered already but I thought I'd ask anyway because I can't find the answer. Are there any optional transformations featured in this mod similar to the ones that was in Sexout Breeder?
  14. Is it normal for the transformations to reapply the face and body more then once?
  15. I believe the mod ends once you're enslaved, or meet other endings. Usually enslavement or freedom is how it ends. Currently at least.
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