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  1. aether suite esp must be loaded before Fort Knox (you can try unchecking aether suite esp) you need to install 0.8 first and then upgrade to 0.84 are you on oldrim or se? (oldrim version stops at 0.8) Pm me if you want to get more help, I'll try to
  2. Install in that order: Aether suite => v.8.0 => v.0.84 (v.0.84 is not compatible with oldrim) in order to test: install 0.8 first, see if it works then instal 0.84 Requirements : SkyrimSE (+dragonborn/heartfire/dawnguard) Aether suite SE (only for datas) Zaz Animation pack8+ FNIS For Cannabis Animations and ZAZ XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE
  3. I've uploaded an update V0.84 only for SE changes below: Cinema XXX, upgrade, new movies + projector Fixed the 420 Café cell Few minor fixes Bodyslide: (thanks to esmm40 for the hard work) All modern clothes are now bodyslide compatible Bodyslide files are available for download Clothes have icons and can be dropped on ground key card to craft the android and guard armor can be found in the Psijic lab and the other is in Edibot repairshop on the lower level of the industrial zone It might be experimental as I'm not used to bodyslide and haven't had time to test efficiently.
  4. @esmm40 tell me when you're done, i'll send you an updated esp (fixed few bugs) if you are willing to implement yourself @Bloodinya Firearms were one on the first thing I've implemented so it was a long time ago, I will check You have to wait 24 hours for the scripts to take effect and NPC will start doing their routine. About the questline: In fact I've got the whole storyline in mind (npc for factions/quests/stories/events are implemented already) and I know what kind of gameplay I want for the mod but let's be honest working on quests/scripts/animations/assets with the creation kit is just horrible (at least for me) and need so much Skyrim specific knowledge that it doesn't motivate me to learn further more. (and also very time consuming) I've used my free time during the lockdown to learn more in depht unreal engine and I've "started" an UE4 version of the mod (got a new Downtown in early stage : p) It is time consuming to make the mod too and it's sadly part of modding too : p
  5. All implemented outfits are not body type related (was easier to do like this as I'm not very used to bodyslide, etc)
  6. I'm sorry I've been away for some time, personal reasons. I've uploaded Fort Knox V 0.83 for SE Patch note: Fixed crash when entering B-Salt Cove (I think it is the real fix this time * fingers crossed*) Fixed few minor issues + Bonus (huge thanks to esmm40 for his gift) Added animated screens in XXX cinema in both screening rooms (Industrial Zone) About LE version: I've destroyed my oldrim setup, I will have to set up everything again so it will comes later. Stay safe everyone and take care!
  7. grrrrr, I don't repro, will see what I can do, you're on SE or LE?
  8. I've uploaded version 0.8.2, an npc was set to hostile in b-salt, I've re exported all npc, and fixed minor issues in b-salt.
  9. Hi, I've uploaded version 0.8.1, not a fancy update, mostly fixes and I've added a dialog sytem with fort knox's npc, you can ask them what is going on in fort knox (randoms infos about the situation in fort knox) and you can ask about activities and services in Fort Knox (topic: can I ask you a question?) I'm a little bit off these days and entering crunch time at work for a project so I won't be able to do a lot of additional work for the mod for some time. ---------- V 0.8.1 patch note: Debug: Fix a crash in Octo-8 Island caused by a npc Fixed 2 altered skyrim vanilla Npc fixed some navmesh issues fixed few floating objects New: new dialogs with npc available in fort knox and octo-8 Island, 2 questions you can ask to any npc: what is going on in fort knox => random infos about fort knox and can I ask you a question? => dialog tree leading to more questions about life in Fort knox (activities, services,etc) added customers in mini market added a pianist in finegan's bar in Downtown (+added a piano's mesh) changed few outfits for some sewers npc
  10. are you on SE on LE? (might be a ram issue if you're on le?) The spell you get is named "log out"? are you able to teleport in a cell with npc and able to see them? you have dl the full build?
  11. love these 2 words put together, thanks for the update : )
  12. Physic is a bitch ^^ Works for me but I've checked only on SE version with physic, using CBBE.
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