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  1. @Kimy Device idea: we now have straightjacket dresses but would armbinderdresses be possible as well? source of picture: Tina Armbinder Evening Dress (red) by heveti on DeviantArt
  2. found the problem: it was a faulty download by my mod manager
  3. I'm using the regular file the meshes folder does show Nif-files 12 in total 11 of which are highpoly. maybe it's a faulty download or something. i'll try again
  4. Don't know if this has already been noted but contraptions gives an error when i try to make a batched patch. This is using the latest version of devious devices it gives the following error: Unrecognized VM Data property type: 0 Error loading 'ACTI' record and/or subrecord: 07001D96 eid = u'zadc_gallowspole_overhead' subrecord = 'VMAD' subrecord size = 1322 file pos = 1909 Error in Devious Devices - Contraptions.esm
  5. the books don't show up (instead there's a big red triangle) wrye bash also gave an error (eventhough the mod isn't included in the patch) that may hint at the reason -> it doesn't have a model. neither on the ground or in the inventory. i'm only using this mod not your other unexpected comments mod
  6. we are missing the mod Devious Training by skyrimfet
  7. As the title says: i'm looking for a mod (or modder willing to make) that adds bondage clothing for a wedding setting. A mod that also adds some dialogue (or pop-up textboxes) would be perfect as well. Thanks in advance
  8. just want to bump this again. Someone have a mod for me / wants to make this?
  9. I checked. I have no active dcur quests (maybe something broke after finishing cloe's quest and getting sasha)
  10. i got an issue with the public indecency feature. Is there a way to restart the events because for some reason they have stopped working. I noticed after awhile that noone was giving a shit when I was walking through town buttnaked (forgot to equip al my stuf after some event). To test I set everything to 100% (including misogyny) and waited 24h but still nothing. I have not changed my mod list during this playthrough (couple days old) and it worked before. thx in advance.
  11. hmm interesting. not really what I was looking for but I do think i'll check that one out. thanks for the suggestion.
  12. As the title says I am looking for a mod (or a mod author willing to make one) surrounding the marriage scenes. something like: a bondage theme bridal dress even better: including some text/ dialogue perfect: including special animations to much? : alternative options for dress / dialogue thx in advance
  13. Been waiting/hoping for this mod for a long time. Thank you very much for your efforts. It's downloading now, can't wait to try it out
  14. that explains it, thanks. it would be nice if the invalid keyword stuff can be disabled if it doesn't matter. also i noticed that the buffs you get from the suit are all stated as >missing name< in the buff-tap
  15. i get an error when i try to equip the mech suit: lookupdevicetype received invalid keyword [keyword<zbfwornmech1A003DDB<] The suit equips but looks like the original suit (DDC) not like in the picture above. please help
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