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  1. That location is not a mod, it's part of the Dawnguard quest line. It's a pretty cool area.
  2. Metro is a very good game. This along with Stalker are the best when I think of end of the world/survivor games.
  3. [video=youtube] Best Battlefield game ever. It has so much more character compared to all the modern "new" shooters that come out and all feature the same story and same timeline. Rumor has it a squeal is in the works and if done right will be glorious in Frostbite. Now I'm gonna date everyone a bit but another game with awesome music and absolutely badass story and atmosphere is this... [video=youtube] If you have never played Thief and its sequels, do so right now, you won't regret it I promise. Finally, old school Mechwarrior had some sweet songs. [video=youtube]
  4. I played for a bit but then got bored. Unless your willing to spend money, you will be in a uphill battle. While paid items are not insta win, the advantage they gave to already good and experienced players is bogus. Not fun having your best gun not kill a guy after half a clip at close range when he turns around and two shots you. Matchmaking is also pretty busted. I lost plenty of missions because it was me vs two other people since one of them was ranked lower then me and having objectives where you sit there exposed made you an easy kill. The games ranking system is also broken. I was a si
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