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  1. Radiant prostitutionevents have always been kind of buggy, they work for a bit until they just stop working entirely. That's why there's a reset button on the radiant prostitution MCM, that always gets them working again though.
  2. It can go down but it all depends on your settings, also your avoidance of the places where you want it to go down at.
  3. You cannot add support to get simple slavery to send you to a mod on the target mod. To get simple slavery to send you to a mod, you need to ask the simple slavery maintainer, "To go the other way - sending the player to your mod from SS - pm me. That will need to be added manually." Simple Slavery has support for things in the dark for example, which is a far older, bigger and buggier Delzaron mod, So I'm sure delzaron would allow simple slavery to send people to this mod. Delzaron themselves may have to be the one to ask in the Simple Slavery thread of PM poss
  4. Yeah, the console stuff would be unreasonable, and not a good idea long term. Keeping track of the speedmult AV would be a chore especially if you have a mods like SLSurvival, DD, or even needs and combat mods that dynamically alter your speedmult all over the place. It is possible that some mods that also damage value might still cause incompatibilities but most spell based mods that modify values should be safe. I think SL survival has a specific toggleable mechanic to keep a minimum AV for Speed, that was implemented to complement stuff like RND and DD reducing your speed so muc
  5. Yeah, you are correct and your math makes sense, that was my problem with the mod too, and monitoring my speed was a problem but since the change and as I pointed out in the first post here, the mod isn't turning the speed back to 100 anymore, it just used a restoreAV command to reset the dynamic DamageAV. Like it really doesn't restore it back to 100 like it used to, Sorry to harp on this, but your complaints are legitimate but they were the exact same complaint I had with the mod before the new implementation fixed the problems. Like the easier way to test if the curr
  6. I made this post in regards to the previous implementation of the speedmult debuff, the current implementation uses damageAV and from my experience it's way more compatible. I've gone on about this myself before, but Skitskurr did go around and changed it to a damage value which doesn't interfere with most mods and is actually incredibly easy to just use the restoreav command in case something has gone wrong. Please check my post there for more info. damage actor value are useful for stuff that's temporary and I can assure you that SLSurvival's s
  7. you gotta turn on male and female approaches on the menu, they're an inclusive and not an exclusive as some of the other options this time, or at least that's what it seems like from my experience with the new version. They're off by default after an upgrade. In any case yeah, toggle on male an female on the options for Actor1 and Actor2. You should start seeing some approaches again after that, EDIT: talking about the options in the actor scanner section just to be clearer. For example toggling on male and female on Actor2 will allow those types to be approached, which
  8. IF you're talking about the wearing armor or wearing weapons or unsheating or using magic checks, that's different from the license stuff the solution to that was using the console for help _SLS_GuardWarnTypeAndCooldown and see if it returns any number other than 0 and if so then do set _SLS_GuardWarnTypeAndCooldown to 0 to make them works again.
  9. Oh I see, under attributes rules there's another set of import-export options.
  10. Is this on the 5.4 config file, I am pretty much using a clean save file here and I'm not exporting or importing any configuration from myself, just importing the default 5.4 config file so rename attribute.json to backup.json or defaultattribute.json to backup.json?
  11. A thing to keep in mind is that you do need the original adcSexlife 1.4.2 also active on your mod list, but have adcSexlife Plus overwriting it, so if you use MO, it should be fairly easy to setup. adcSexlife 1.4.2 has a few script files that plus doesn't have or even touch, but are still required for the mod to function. This may be why the MCM doesn't show up or the mod seemingly doesn't work
  12. I would love to make a papyrus log with the stack dumps on it, but since trying version 5.4 with the default config I've gotten no stack dumps at all. so it seems fixed. This is approaching the same town from the same angle as I did with version 2.6 and 5.2. Using the new default 5.4 config but setting the poll frequency to 60 seconds as opposed to 5 seconds, I stood around in the middle of town and got 3 interactions to triggers so the mod is working great now. I did notice all the rules options are set to 0% with the new default config, but even when testing 5.2 I had
  13. I mean, the older version still works fine, so I'm sure whatever is being wonky right now will get fixed, and like the mod may be complicated but more configuration option are always a good thing, I'd say if the older version worked for you, it's probably better to stick with it, it also has less options so getting it running should be faster.
  14. So I tried the new version and all the new rules setup stuff looks amazing and great in theory, but there's an actual big problem gong on with all this stuff, whenever I enter a town or a city I actually get a big old notice about stack dumps on my log monitor. This is tested by walking into the same village from the same starting save with version 2.6 which works fine and then version 5.2 which gets all the stack dumps. And this just with a poll frequency of 60 seconds, I suspected it may have had something to do with initializing actors, but even turning that off gets me all the stack dumps
  15. Doesn't SLUTS have a detach from cart button? like if you find yourself near a town at night you're very likely to get curfewed into an inn so detaching for the night is pretty much the solution. SLUTS has all sorts of jank you have to work around a lot of it's quirks to play with it, but that really shouldn't be up to other mods to fix.
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