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  1. Honestly, As the mod stands now, I like what is here. But, I feel the species traits are too bloated... Too many traits and to many bonuses. I feel like this could be condensed a little. However this is just my opinion, You do what you want. P.S. Also I agree with everyone else, more mid-late game content would be welcomed!
  2. I'm having real trouble with this mod. I use NMM, and when i install this mod it dosen't show up in the MCM. I've tried Deleting the meta.ini file, and tried installing the mod as is, niether worked. Can anybody help me?
  3. I'm having a problem installing DCL. I attempt to install it using NMM, it gets to 50%, then fails. I've tried disabling my antivirus and still nothing. I have no Idea why this is happening, and I've noticed other people have the same problem. Can someone help me with this? I refuse to play Skyrim w/o Cursed loot! Edit: I think I've got it. Checked the Plugins tab in NMM, found that Devious Devices Expansion was disabled(No idea why). Enabled it, cursed loot installed fine.
  4. Just tried again after uninstalling Horizon. It worked, had one or two hicups, like the hopping effect not going away after removeing the hobble skirt(fixed it by equiping the ankle restraints then removeing them) and the hobble skirt not activating properly at first, but everything eventually worked. So that means Horizon is the conflict. This is a little heartbreaking for me T.T, as i love both of these mods, and they played nice together before. Does anyone know of a patch for these two? I'd make one myself but I can't code to save my life. P.S. I forgot to mention that i m
  5. having trouble with 1.4's "Belted!" quest. I get put in the restraints, including the new hobble dress, but when i reach the desk w/the first hairpin, I remove it and nothing happens. same with the second hairpin. if i try to move on, the radroachs "beat me unconsius" in one hit. am i doing something wrong? is my game bugged? I am useing Horizon if that matters. Please help me, i love this mod AND Horizon, started a new character JUST to see the new stuff, and I would be truly sad if i can't play it now. :(
  6. I also had the disappering Pipboy problem, as for as I can tell it's a know bug. Just jog over to Sanctuary and it will come back. Also about the obscured vision bug, I noticed this mostly when sneaking. After quickly running through the Belted quest, and getting the Chastity Belt removed, I noticed the problem cleared up. So most likely it's an issue with the Chastity Belt. Also both John and his ex-girlfriend were completely mute! Were there supposed to be subtitles? Cause the quest advanced ok, but every time i talked to either of the we just stood around staring/smiling at each oth
  7. Those plugs needs chastity keys if I recall. Maybe so, I didn't have any keys at the time. But even so, the Free Me Debug option should have removed it shouldn't it have? EDIT: Tested with the chastity key and you were correct that unlocked and removed the plug (tested with Vaginal plug). However, the Safeword still didn't work.
  8. I may have found a serious bug. My character was feeling horny so i walked up to a guy and asked for sex. He locked some devices on me instead, those being a silver paded chastity belt, the little helpers Fighter plug, and an "Iron pear of agony (Bell) (anal)". I managed (eventually) to get everything off but the Pear, i would click on force it out, but nothing happens. After a bit I tried the Safe word option in the debug menu, it activated but the Pear didn't vanish like it should have. Not sure what the problem is but I had to lose about an hour of game time to this when i was forced to lo
  9. great mod loving it so far, the only issue i have with it is that you have to manually build a list of undies for npcs to wear. would it be possible to make it so the mod searches item ids and makes a list of appropriate undies for you to toggle(ie. sos underwear, and any other mods you mention in your post) or would that be too much work? (i don't know how to mod so i have no idea) anyway looking forward to see what you do next!
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