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  1. It happens to me with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18689 The female variant, male mannequins I don´t have.
  2. Hi, very nice but my Female Mannequins are fucking everybody around. Can you please exclude them?
  3. When he appeared the first time, I insulted him and l used a calm spell afterwards when I saw the level he has. The attacks happened in Whiterun, inside Riverwood Trader, in Dragonsreach. He kills everybody including my PC. For now I started a new game and disabled the Main Quest.
  4. I have the problem that Snake appears through a portal an kills everybody around. My PC also dies. Is that intended or did something go wrong?
  5. Hello Delzaron, thank you for your kind answer. I understand your arguments and accept .
  6. 2 months and no answer - seems nobody cares anymore about this mod
  7. I like this mod very much, as it brings more action into the game and the posibillity to add more actors via adfac through console. I have used this mod in several different playthroughs and found out, that it behaves very different in those. In one it works like intended, the Neophytes speak to NPCs and a sex scene is startet. In other playthroughs the scripts seem to be blocked by scripts from other mods, the Neophytes only sit there and eat bread - nothing more. So my question to the author is if there is a possibility to start the scripts again via console or even better if you could implement a reset of the scripts via dialogue or MCM. This would be a great deal. Nitribit - (10.241 Skyrim LE ingame hours).
  8. That information is important for me - thank you for telling. I´m really not in the mood to mess around with my grafic settings just because one follower does not appear in the game.
  9. If I am the only one with that problem I must recheck my grafic ingame settings. But other followers work fine.
  10. I don´t think my I7 4790 4GHz 8 Core with 16GB RAM and Nvidia Gforce GTX 1060 is a low End PC
  11. I have the issue that she is completely invisible in my game. Tried r and y version, both the same.
  12. This looks really really good. Thank you for that great work sharing with the community.
  13. They fight Farengar - something wrong with their factions.
  14. I play a Female but have the gender in SL changed to male, to get more varieties in animations.
  15. Hi, love the idea of this mod and Elsie looks great. Sorrily the Mini Quest is not appearing in my game. Even tried a new game but with the same results. Can you give a hint? Or maybe the setstage commands?
  16. Bei mir läuft die Mod problemlos, versuche mal bei den MCM Settings etwas zu schrauben besonders bei Timeout, schau mal dass das bei 1 steht.
  17. Hi, could you please make an MCM Option to turn off male NPCs violating. My male PC hates that so much... ? Thank you for sharing this great mod with this community
  18. Nice work ! Thank you for sharing it. One more beautiful follower of yours.
  19. She is following me now quite a while, or lets say since she was downloadable here on LL. I must say, she is very charismatic and the hell, in my opinion she is by far the sexyest follower I ever had. And y play Skyrim since the first day Skyrim was released at 11.11.2011. Now I wish, you could make such a sexy follower as a vampire, compatible with Bloodthirst http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49038/? If you need or want I can help giving her a name or with the backstory. I hope I can talk you into it Saludos Nitri
  20. She´s my new secretary now, great work, thank you for sharing.
  21. There are so many beautiful and hot followers these days, but this one stole my heart.
  22. Thank you for your kind answer. Anyway I´m not so sure if SE will really have much better graphics then a nicely modded Skyrim with ENB. Tomorrow we will know.
  23. Thank you very much for your thoughts about that, as I am no programmer I thought it would be much easier to take all that out, so I´m still very happy using your mod, please keep on with your fantastic work, I am enjoying it so much. What are your thoughts about Skyrim SE, will it be playable there?
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