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  1. It happens to me with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18689 The female variant, male mannequins I don´t have.
  2. Hi, very nice but my Female Mannequins are fucking everybody around. Can you please exclude them?
  3. It´s a real pity that Caden leaved. If someone knows where he went or how to contact him, please PM me.
  4. That would be great, as far as I know like me a lot of people don´t like the DB Questline and destroy the Dark Brotherhood by killing Astrid in the Abandoned Hudge. So far I let her live in my current gameplay only to see how it turns out with Hert.
  5. That´s what I meant, I have to start the Dark Brotherhood Questline, that´s what I wanted to avoid.
  6. Hi Caden, I´m enjoying this mod very much and have a question. Meanwhile here are 41 pages and I dont´t have the time to read everything, so maybe the question maybe has been answered before. So sorry if it has been like that. Q: If I want Hert as Mistress, Astrid should not be killed? I hate the Dark Brotherhood Questline and at every Playthrough I kill her. But Hern never appears, only during the specific Quest where you have to kill him. The undead mage in Solitude told me that Hert can be a Mistress if Hern is killed. I hope I did not spoil too much. By the way, with HogsMaws installed Hert is an extremely beautiful character. Thanks for a short answer.
  7. Ah and sometimes its important that you do not coc inside the town but go through the main entrance.
  8. Just came to that part and for me it worked fine. Don´t know if its important, I had Galesse with me and had read the book before. My Isolda comes from HogMaws, as I said, no problems at all.
  9. Well... after talking to Hulda and later to Danica you got my full attention I love the voiced dialogues during Sex-Scenes very much, never seen that before in Skyrim and it comes over really in a hot way! And... thanks a lot for your detailed answer to my previous post. I wish you lots of success and easygoing on your efforts with those two ongoing Mods. And hopefully not so much headache solving all the problems coming up. I salute you ! Nitri
  10. Caden, I love your mod "Make Skyrim Straight again" very much, it gives me motivation to stay in Skyrim after playing it since 11.11.2011. Those features described above for "Shrouded Secret" would also fit in a wonderful way into MSSA. I´m absolutely not into Futa Girls, but you put so much content into Shrouded Secret, that it made me curious, I downloaded it and will give it a try. In MSSA the Spouse pimps her husband , a wonderful idea. But I was little disappointed when it finished and the marriage got "Back to Normal" Isn´t there a way to a infinit pimping via a randomizer? I know, this better fits into the MSSA Forum, but it also touches the themes from here. Stay save.
  11. oh no I didn´t ! Will load safegame. By the way, a wonderful job you have done with this mod, I was just beginning to get tired with Skyrim (after 12.545 ingame hours) but you rescued me!
  12. Great work, love it, don´t want to spoil around but it seems there is a plot stopper, found Girsta dead and nothing more happens. What´s the matter?
  13. When he appeared the first time, I insulted him and l used a calm spell afterwards when I saw the level he has. The attacks happened in Whiterun, inside Riverwood Trader, in Dragonsreach. He kills everybody including my PC. For now I started a new game and disabled the Main Quest.
  14. I have the problem that Snake appears through a portal an kills everybody around. My PC also dies. Is that intended or did something go wrong?
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