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  1. Hm, I'd be happy to change my skill granting abilities to use that instead, makes more sense; how do you configure the skill GiveXP gives skill to? SkillToLevel? And how do you set the quantity of XP to give?
  2. A number of the events in my set (TBCaptivityEvents) add encounters outside of captivity settings, but few of them consensual as you describe, and all but one of them written for female characters. For example: - Pleasure your troops to increase their morale (triggers at low morale) - Your troops may decide you don't have enough money to pay them and help you earn it with your body - Your troops may decide to engage in some consensual role-play with you - Your troops may object to you telling them to leave female prisoners alone and teach you the error of your ways (for which you can punish them) - Get kidnapped (in the wilds) by horny bandits - Get drugged in a tavern and spend some time bound in the streets - Lose a duel in town and spend some time bound in the streets - Chase a thief and either capture them or get ambushed (This one has a variant for male characters) Once there's the ability to create random NPCs using outcomes some of these (particularly the thief one) will be usable to increase your number of heirs as a male character. All of them already can be used to increase the number of heirs as a female character (and, indeed, I find it challenging to keep my character from becoming pregnant on a regular basis with my events installed). I'll look into adding more consensual random events, though at the moment I'm focused more on stabilizing / editing the 390+ish ones I have written.
  3. In that case it sounds like you have things installed correctly, but the default mod isn't activated. I'd guess that you just don't have any / many male captor or random events. There are a couple in the default folder from the base mod, but for example my mod literally doesn't have any because I simply don't play male characters.
  4. If you've installed the default mod and enabled "Default Captivity Events" in the mod tab of your bannerlord loader, you should be getting the following events as notifications on the right side of your screen if you have any captives: You are bored, perhaps its time to call upon the hunting traditions? Perhaps it's time to flay some men? at the very least. If you don't see "Default Captivity Events" in the mod tab of your loader, the mod isn't installed correctly. If you do but you still aren't seeing events, either: a) you have the wrong version of CaptivityEvents installed for your game. Make sure you're using the right version for whichever (beta, stable, whatnot) version of bannerlord you have installed. b) you have event chances set really low. Make sure in mod options that you set event frequency very high / time between events very low and event types to enabled. In my experience all issues relating to events not loading stem from one of these causes, but I'm sure there will always be new reasons for something not to work. Such is entropy.
  5. 1. Yes. Currently ReqHeroSlaveLevelAbove isn't being checked for non-captive events. I'm waiting for BadListener to fix it. 2. Interesting point. I don't currently see an option for me to address this, but I'm asking BL if I'm missing something.
  6. There's now an event in the latest version of TBCaptivityEvents (0.1.11) which allows any captor to enslave you. It may be a little buggy as it doesn't use any of the SoldTo events. You can fire it while captured by looters or bandits using the console command (if you have console installed/enabled): captivity.fire_event TB_slavery_enslaved_by_party Otherwise it has a weight of 10, so it should fire about half as often or less than other events, but if you stay captured by bandits long enough it should trigger. Some enslavement events (ex: marriage) require a notable to be your master, however, so those will not trigger if you are enslaved to looters or bandits.
  7. Cards, at least from my tests. I believe SoldToSettlement is intended to do this. It doesn't currently seem to do so, however (If you run SoldToSettlement while not captive, it usually puts me in an odd limbo state where I can't move but am also not getting captive events). I believe BL is aware and working on the issue, but only they know for sure.
  8. Updated the file structure and installation instructions to be shorter and more specific. As a result, Nexus / Vortex installation is no longer supported.
  9. I can't actually think of any possible way this could be related to my mod. AFAIK it doesn't touch battles, just events.
  10. Sure: Download the TBCaptivityEvents file. Unzip the file. Copy the contents of the TBCaptivityEvents folder (it should be called TBCaptivityEvents, with no version numbers or anything) into your main Bannerlord installation's folder (Mount & Blade II Bannerlord).
  11. Removed the more specific installation instructions to avoid confusion.
  12. The mod should always be installed such that the folder inside TBCaptivityEvents is extracted into the base Bannerlord folder, as I personally use Vortex to manage these mods, and that's the format it takes. Those instructions were just because people kept asking about specifics, and do need to be updated.
  13. The problem there would be figuring out how to either find the master and move the player to them, or move the master to the player, both of which are complicated by the fact that I'm not actually saving who that is in any way (and I don't know of any good way to do that within BadListener's framework). I could sort of fake it by having a random event that the player 'finds a former master' and throws herself upon his mercy, but it'd essentially just be whatever random NPC is available in that location. Might be worth a shot. That said, I am planning a number of alternative ways to return to slavery. I've actually already written and am testing a low-chance event for the 'kidnapped and bound in an alley in town' event to have someone decide to enslave the poor street whore instead of just taking his pleasure from her.
  14. Not as such (there isn't a "not enough money" trigger currently), but it's an interesting idea. I think I could create an event where if you have over, say, 20 troops and below, say, a thousand gold banked they may just start treating you like a whore (and giving you another thousand or so in cash to make up the difference). I'll see about implementing something like that once I'm done with what I'm working on right now (trying to get a blackmail event working to allow for a minimalist version of enslavement while you're *not* a captive)
  15. It was increased to 30 last patch, but also requires you to have 5+ troops. I've seen it trigger in my own game since then, though I agree that with all the other things going on it's not always easy to get below 30 morale, especially if you're actually winning battles. The event prompts you to decide how to deal with the low morale in your party, and presents you with three options: - Pay them more money - Have them visit your tent so that you can show them your appreciation more personally - Whip them until morale improves The second option goes into a variable-length multiple-scenario sex session with player agency regarding which positions to use. I'll probably add a few more random events lowering your party's morale, and increase the morale loss from the existing negative choices to help out. That way morale / debauchery can become a similar "pick your poison" mechanic to how health / slavery works while enslaved. One thing I'd like to do is to somehow have the player be betrayed / sold into slavery on sufficiently negative outcomes of this type, but I don't think there's a way to do that yet.
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