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  1. I know what you mean - difficult to find things that are relatively lore-friendly and also feasible. My #1 suggestion (to the point that I've actually modified my local scripts to implement a bare-bones version of it) would be to let the player configure the chances of different results of struggle (currently you seem to use a 1-6 random die roll, with one effect tied to each value 4+). A few concepts (though, sadly, I'm not quite familiar enough with your code, or the APIs you're working with, yet to say how feasible they might be) - Escape chance tied to l
  2. If it's anything like updating to a new library version that isn't backwards-compatible in other contexts, that probably involves rewriting the calls that rely on deprecated endpoints / functions to use the new functions (and hoping all the functions have equivalents in the new version of the library). Not an enviable task (which is why deprecating functions is usually something to avoid, if at all possible).
  3. I did a bit of searching and believe I've found it - I sort of assume you've done the same, given your success at getting your mod to compile, but for posterity I believe OP meant this page: https://github.com/schlangster/skyui/wiki which includes a set of SDKs that explicitly note:
  4. I'm not planning on going away until this mod is finished (my goal, as always, is to make the game more story and roleplay-oriented) and (relatively) stable. It's just dangerous to continue development / writing when I don't know what features will or won't work in any given patch. I was about to remove a bunch of features to accommodate the fact that they stopped working without any changes on my end, but realized that would be counterproductive - there's just as much chance that next patch other features will stop working (and those might start working again). You're welcome to c
  5. Given the marked increase in reported instability for functions that previously worked for this mod, I'm pausing development on it until Bannerlord becomes more stable. I can no longer recommend using this mod. Please do not download or use its events until I revisit them after Bannerlord and CE leave early access. I am keeping the downloads available for archival purposes only at this time.
  6. As in life, make sure to get to know your would-be in-laws before making any permanent arrangements.
  7. This happens randomly after battle events. I've never been able to replicate it, but have no way to fix it without just removing the events in question. My next patch, whenever that happens, will remove these and any marriage events for a similar reason.
  8. I'm afraid Bannerlord is not stable enough in my experience that I can ever recommend adding this (or any other mod) to an in-progress campaign.
  9. Okay. I'll work on removing all of the battle events, too, if they're going to cause this kind of issue.
  10. Yeah, I've seen several reports now. I'll be removing any calls to the marriage function and replacing it with a skill modifier in the next patch, and modifying player > captive marriages to refer to a harem aesthetic instead of singular marriage. This should also allow for M>M and F>F 'marriages', so I'll be removing the [May Crash] text.
  11. I've specifically tested for that scenario in every permutation possible for every event that includes a JoinBattle behavior, and have been unable to replicate it, I'm afraid. Like the marriage issue, it's one I'm at this point just considering removing the functionality for because I won't be able to maintain it long-term if the game is going to be this unstable.
  12. This could be done as simply a triggered potential event on players with certain conditions (high slavery level, under a certain number of troops) that starts a battle with a large collection of cavalry, and leads to a slavery event. ...Except for the part about returning to a lord / a specific lord, which I can't think of any way to do within the current event framework.
  13. The real problem, for me, is that the male player / female captive and female player / male captive events *worked previously*, but no longer do. What this means to me is that I can't rely on TaleWorlds keeping their marriage behavior stable enough to rely on it. As I intend to retire from this mod in the near future, longevity for stability is a major concern.
  14. I guess I could revert it to my previous plan and have the 'marriage' not actually marry you, but set a bit that I can then use to handle triggering events. Downside: I'd have no way of determining which character you were 'married' to, as I don't have any way to refer to characters (other than spouse) not in your party, so your spouse's visits would get you impregnated by random people. Not optimal, but probably less problematic than the current solution.
  15. That's a good question for TaleWorlds, but not one I can answer.
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