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  1. Excellent, thanks for that information. I'll see if I can replicate the behavior you describe!
  2. Hi folks, I'm seeing an odd behavior in my admittedly massive mod list that seems isolated to the most recent version of SLUP, specifically for SE. All SLUP configuration options are set to their default values, and the game is a freshly started new game. Orgasms no longer occur. (Specifically, with SLUP installed, no one orgasms, the screen does not shake, no cum is applied, SLACS doesn't detect or apply additional layers, and so on. As soon as I remove it, the orgasms return.) This happens with or without separate orgasms checked, and without SLSO installed. According to MO2 no files are overwriting SLUP, and SLUP is overwriting default Sexlab files. I've resolved it locally by just reverting SLUP to the previous version, but I do appreciate the changes you're trying to make, so please let me know if there's any more specific information I can provide to assist in troubleshooting. A side note: I am also seeing some oddities around expressions (they seem muted, or significantly less than they were previously), but I haven't been able to pin them down well enough to provide more information than Nymra's already given you. Thanks for all your hard work,
  3. Thank you for that extremely thorough and easy-to-follow guide. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have a Data\meshes\actors\character\behaviors\0_master.hkx file , which may be the problem! I've been using nemesis, but tried loading FNIS instead and running it, but this also did not generate an 0_master.hkx file in that location. I do see one in \meshes\actors\character\_1stperson\behaviors , however. I've deleted that... I've tried deleting the full set of files created by FNIS, then re-building. I've disabled and reloaded all of the animations several times. I've disabled all of the animations, re-registered animations, then enabled only one animation (from the Billy pack), then re-registered animations. Unfortunately, that animation still doesn't work. I've tried rebuilding using only FNIS Likewise only Nemesis In all of the above scenarios, the animations still behave as though they aren't loaded / are incompatible, with the characters standing superimposed over each other. It's really weird, because I remember Billy's animations working for me before with basically the same setup...
  4. Hi folks, Hoping one of you has an idea here, as I'm sadly out - of all of the animation packs I've installed, only Billy's is behaving this way after running nemesis (and not for creatures) - characters are just stuck on each other, superimposed and not animating. I thought after re-rebuilding the animations that at first it might be an esp ordering issue, so I've made sure Billy's are the highest priority, but it's still causing the characters to stand there doing nothing. I've also run CACO without any luck, and ensured that I was using the correct version (SE) by reinstalling again. I scoured the thread for mentions of this particular behavior but didn't see anything promising, I'm afraid - has anyone run into this issue before? Thanks in advance for what assistance you can provide.
  5. That's correct! What I mean is not the outcome after the player is defeated, but the set of outcomes that occur when the player attempts but fails to wriggle free - the ones listed as 'Severe Punishments'. Specifically, on line 373 of nade_captivequest_qf_scr, you're using a random number generator to select between 1-6, with the following outcomes defined from line 377-492: 1. belt event 2-3. super shock event 4. pee event 5. whip again event 6. rape again event This may be super niche - I don't know for sure, as I don't really know how other people interact with the mod - but I've been working to build both a way to customize the trigger for these events so that I can disable those that are less interesting or increase the chance of ones that are more interesting depending on my tastes. Another thing I've been trying to decipher is how to get the alias of the furniture the player is locked in at the time so that I can try to set the sex animations to better fit that furniture (as, for example, if you're already in a pillory there's no sense in one of your captors taking you out of it just to have some fun), but that seems somewhat more involved, and likely to run into similar issues as POP where due to sexlab's janky animation start positioning it'd look weird anyway. Thanks for all your hard work!
  6. IIRC SL Defeat's 'activate' key doesn't work out of combat with Nemesis. You can get it to mark an enemy, but you can't do silent takedowns. Not something I particularly care about because I don't play a dom personally, but I can see it being a gamebreaker for those whose tastes run that way. SL Defeat still has another use with Naked Defeat: NPC/NPC interactions, which is not affected by Nemesis AFAIK. A note for Nymra: I would love to see weight sliders / options for the different hardcore outcomes. I've taken to just editing the behavior directly to suit my tastes and then recompiling, but it takes a few minutes to update whenever ND updates. I may see about just making the MCM / changes myself and sending them to you to do with as you will - you've got enough on your plate.
  7. Apologies if this has already been asked - I didn't see it in the thread. Is there a way to uninstall this mod safely? I tried just removing it and the generated files via MO2, then re-generating bodyslides without the TAWOBAE variants, but now (even upon starting a new game) a great number of the male NPCs are running around naked, without hands or feet. I suppose this would be acceptable to some open-minded individuals, but I personally don't have an amputation fetish. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide, Edit: Resolved it. If you're reading this because you have the same issue, make sure you don't have any merged patches with the TAWOBAE esm included. Just rebuild the patch without the TAWOBAE esm.
  8. WRT Join Clan: I haven't run into that, but I believe it. The functionality around prisoners/captives and relation is some of the most irritating in the game. Changing actors' clans creates a huge number of different issues - it's a top candidate for events to refactor in a way that alters the fantasy enough to avoid the gameplay complications. Probably means eventually I'll remove the ability to join enemy clans or let actors join your clan. I might also see if it's possible to work around it entirely by removing a prisoner actor and creating a new follower actor directly in your clan, but as removing a prisoner actor counts as killing them, and causes your relation to sour with everyone involved, that's probably also not a realistic option. WRT MoreSpouses: 1. As a hard rule, I don't want to introduce dependencies for this mod beyond the native CE - while it'd be nice to be able to do so (particularly wrt mods that add more female troops, as I'd prefer to write my events assuming a more egalitarian bannerlord world, strange as that might sound), I'd rather let people customize their game to meet their needs than force them to install mods that may eventually stop working - I already have enough compatibility issues to troubleshoot as is. 2. Incorporating another mod directly into another is a really messy approach to doing things that either necessitates re-doing it at later points or accepting that any legacy bugs or inconsistencies will remain so. Given TaleWorld's tendency to modify their code without consideration for backwards-compatibility, I feel this approach is even worse than just implementing dependencies. I'm much more likely to resolve this issue by creating an entirely disconnected concubine system.
  9. The intention is to decouple the TBCE 'marriage' behavior from the native Bannelord 'marriage' behavior, 1. allowing for multiple spouses, and 2. making the flag essentially only affect events designed specifically to use it
  10. 1. AFAIK CE1026+ / Bannerlord 1.5.8 was the last version I had successful tests on (particularly for the Battle behavior). The marriage issue is a bit older than that, though. 2. This is an unfortunate behavior resulting from what happens when you're captive of an army - for some reason the way the game handles some behaviors targets your original master and other behaviors targets the army leader. This event has always set you free, though (which was not my original intention). Essentially the first candidate for refactor when I get back to this is going to be modifying all of the 'forced marriage' behaviors to use a custom variable and refer to a harem instead of using the built-in marriage behavior, that way I can better control what it's doing. Overall one of the major complications I've run into implementing marriage or relation-based events is that Bannerlord's marriage, clan, and relation system is both unintuitive and paints with broad strokes, and is therefore prone to confusing and debilitating behavior (in one case, for example, marrying someone immediately before their clan went to war with my kingdom caused me to be attacked by my own clan and kingdom...) Using custom variables instead of hooking into the main system will hopefully resolve that issue.
  11. The following event consequences have been reported as breaking the game in some way or another: StartBattle (Reports that this causes a state where the map is no longer interactive) TB_companion_friend_in_need_f_hero_f TB_companion_friend_in_need_m_hero_f TB_companion_friend_in_need_f_hero_m TB_companion_friend_in_need_m_hero_m TB_companion_kidnapped_f TB_companion_kidnapped_m TB_slavery_blackmail TB_m_thief_ambush CaptiveLeaveSpouse (Reports that this crashes the game - I will probably replace game-related marriage behaviors with a custom harem system when I update again, as this strikes me as an issue that will just create issues going forward) TB_captor_captive_slavery_broken_spouse_2 CaptiveMarryCaptor (this doesn't break the game so much as screw with kingdom relations in weird ways - I will probably replace game-related marriage behaviors with a custom harem system when I update again, as this strikes me as an issue that will just create issues going forward) TB_captor_ask_marriage_devoted TB_captor_ask_marriage_broken TB_captor_ask_marriage_mindbroken TB_slavery_marriage_submit
  12. It's a feature that used to work, but has been broken by one of TaleWorld's updates. The fix you've found, e.g. removing marriage, is probably the best way forward.
  13. At the time I couldn't find a good way to do so cleanly. With this new update... When I get back into modding I'll see if I can leverage the teleport consequence to have a 'sold' event that short-circuits location requirements and just knocks you out and sends you to a city (similar to the one AFAIK BL added when you aren't captive).
  14. Aye. AFAIK the battle events issue is something BadListener is working on. If they indicate there's a fix I can provide in my events without breaking them / removing the battle feature, I'll probably update to implement them, I just don't want to go about disabling events / features every time TaleWorlds updates. I agree that a lot of the text is too long; I have a tendency to be overly loquacious, and have been trying to reduce that in more recent events (I also ended up rewriting basically all of the default CE events at some point, and a lot of those show a more modern approach of breaking longer paragraphs, where they are necessary, into multiple windows). I'm still struggling to balance correctly between providing enough flavor to give events the right feel and not breaking gameplay or feeling repetitive. I agree with your points on the event repetition. I will probably increase the weight of the exit events in the future, or increase the damage taken per event (as many of these loops actually have endings contingent on your character's health falling below a threshold, the fantasy being that you're literally being screwed into unconsciousness). I agree that the troop event trivializes a lot of the early game if you're willing to suffer a bit of indignity / pregnancy, and commensurately it also makes it difficult not to become pregnant very early on - I'll probably revisit it with adjustments similar to those you've recommended. I *wish* I had some way to intercept the actual troop payment behavior and trigger the event only at that time (that way it could actually depend on the amount of money you owe), but that's not currently an option provided by CE (and it'd be a remarkably specific thing to code, so I don't feel it's a good use of BL's time). I'm happy to hear the writing for that event gets across correctly - it (similarly to the event where one of your troops offers to pretend to force you if you've escaped after being a broken slave, but immediately relents if you protest)'s intended to get across that your troops aren't actually evil and don't really hate you, but they are mercenaries and they do need to be paid for their work. Other entities (enemy owners, and the Alchemist in particular) can be truly evil, but for evil to come across as evil there has to be good (or at least grey) in the world as well.
  15. I know what you mean - difficult to find things that are relatively lore-friendly and also feasible. My #1 suggestion (to the point that I've actually modified my local scripts to implement a bare-bones version of it) would be to let the player configure the chances of different results of struggle (currently you seem to use a 1-6 random die roll, with one effect tied to each value 4+). A few concepts (though, sadly, I'm not quite familiar enough with your code, or the APIs you're working with, yet to say how feasible they might be) - Escape chance tied to lockpicking, pickpocket, and stealth (or skills of your choice). For example, the formula: C = escape chance constant (from slider) L = lockpick skill P = pickpocket skill S = stealth skill B = expected base skill (skills above this increase chance of success, below this decrease chance of success) R = random 1-100 roll if: R < C+((L+P+S/3 - B)/2) then: escape() would still let you provide a constant to handle escape chance, but let the player get better at escaping by increasing their lockpicking, pickpocket, and stealth skills (at a rate of 1/6 of a percent per skill point, with a maximum of 50 minus half of B plus C, so at the current 20% it'd still cap out at 70% chance of escape with a skill level of 100. You could make one of the coefficients a slider to allow further customization there as well), or even improve those skills by attempting to escape. Only using existing frameworks / integrations: You struggle against your bonds, but succeed only in making them tighter! [reduce chance of subsequent success] You struggle against your bonds, but give up in exhaustion. They do seem a bit looser, though... [increase chance of subsequent success] You struggle against your restraints, but your writhing movements attract the attention - and arousal - of your captors. [ You've already got this covered with 'your captors want more', though a slider for frequency would be nice. ] You struggle against your restraints, but manage to trap yourself painfully, making it difficult to breathe. [apply a temporary debuff, animation, or tattoo] You struggle against your restraints, but manage only to give yourself rope burn. [apply a temporary debuff or tattoo] You struggle against your restraints, but attract the attention of your captors, who decide to tighten your restraints / put you in a more secure restraint. [ This could be used to either feed in to a restraint hierarchy, e.g. tied to a pole -> shackled into a harness -> chained -> shackled into stocks , or just reduce chances of subsequent success ] You struggle against your restraints, but attract the attention of your captors, who decide to make fun of you. [ Captors throw insults, or just stand around grinning and gaining arousal ] You struggle against your restraints, but attract the attention of your captors, who sneer at your efforts and draw crude remarks on your body [apply from a selection of demeaning tattoos ] You struggle against your restraints, but attract the attention of your captors, who torment you with strange devices [ Add piercings / plugs from DDE ] With additional frameworks / integrations, or just a lot more work due to separate scenarios: You struggle against your restraints, and your captors decide to reward your efforts by letting you go... Blindfolded, into a dangerous-looking cave. [Send player, defenseless, into troll / falmer / giant cave] [Bandits only] Your captors decide you're too much trouble and mark you with the symbols of their band, leaving you to be captured by guards after providing them an anonymous tip. You're caught and jailed, despite protesting your innocence... [Add tattoo, send to jail in nearby hold] [Falmer only] Your captors decide to breed you with their insects... I'll try to think of some more feasible suggestions, I think I'm getting a bit off track. I do quite like the relative simplicity and functionality of the current implementation compared to most of the other combat sex alternatives on this site.
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