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  1. Sorry to bother you but, is there a non-requiring DLCs version of this mod? (or at least a chanche to get one)
  2. Any chanche to get this working for skyrim special edition?
  3. Hi, I recently installed sexlab Light for SSE, everything works fine except for a few things: when I customize some options (like "apply facial expressions, stripping only from certain equipment slots) the changes are shown like I choose to enable / disable, but in game everything is kept exactly like the original option in SL SSE (so none of my preferences are kept). Also when enabling manually from sexlab menu the "allow creatures..." even that is not registered as an enabled preference in the game. I do have all the requirements and in the correct order, what it could be? Thanks i
  4. Only one silly question: the link gives access to several files, and the thread is a little bit confusional... what's the link for the correct body to download, according to the screens you posted before?
  5. Sir, you gave the best present ever! absolutely beautiful!
  6. Hi guys, I would like to ask if it's possible to insert the pubic and armpit hair of this body type: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71755/ into this body tipe: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83239/ or https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83469/ (same, just the first is pc preset and 2nd a follower) I would like to use the result of those merged body type + hair as an alternative mesh and texture for some npc bodies, anyone else interested in this particular combo? If no one is, I would like to try doing it by myself but I don't have any idea about how to begin Th
  7. there is no creature working at all. (falmers have still their "gown", even giants and the others...) only horse and dog have some balls, but no schlong at all...
  8. I don't know why but it doesn't work I have all 3 DLC, creatures animation working via previous mods, but after replacing the text and meshes with these new ones, few creatures have a schlong in "hidden mode", some like the vampire lord has none
  9. can you link me some cute enb? it would be great (nexus mods looks offline... it's only me?)
  10. omg pinegrove lodge and cliffside are so lovely! <3 thank you <3
  11. Any1 can reup these files to mega? please. i just cant download these through LL Any reason you cant download it from LL? What issues are you having? Firefox? blocked scripts? Sorry to bother you again Shadow, is there any chanche to convert Newmiller Succubus Outfit for CBBE? I've found the original UNP version, even a 7base conversion, but not cbbe at all. Lemme know when you have time ^^
  12. Hi all! Maybe someone have asked this before... but is there any very very romantic player-house (or something like it) where you can live with your skyrim waifu a good love story and sexy time? Even a sexy-themed house should be nice, can anyone help? Thank you
  13. Thanks but no need really ^^ cut version looks better than I expected, makes me drool XD Oh god thank you 10000 for the release Vivi! Any chanche to get one of your followers one day?
  14. Just noticed that many of your conversions have splitted "top" and "bottom" parts. Absolutely love it <3 so many combinations possible thanks to this! Kudos for shadow!
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