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    Wait, does that work with vanilla cages as well? That means i could essentially fit a whole bandit squad in one cage, right? xD
  2. After testing - aside from getting huge latency on anything script related - it kept spamming "there is no waterfall to shower under", which is from BiS. So i opened up the MCM (in this case without reloading the save i made before testing) and tried to bind a key to the shower option. Though it didn't let me choose a key and instead instantly sent the message "hotkey already in use for field dressing - hunterborn" which was also an unbound key. So i figured it might be the unbound key from BiS as well as those from Hunterborn. And probably more, i didn't have the time to test it further yet,
  3. Just stumbled over that bug as well after trying out the compulsion feature. I tried to go through my rather long modlist and tried to bind all keys to something - there is a problem: Some mods like Hunterborn for example refuse to bind a key to any key that is already bound to something else - even by other mods. So my problem is, i run out of keys xD Wouldn't it be easier to just add a choosable a key for the use of the compulsion feature so we are able to select a "throw away key" for that?
  4. Manu82


    The kneeling animation from enslaving should be the same as it is for healing an unconscious person, so it is used for multiple things, as many vanilla animations (which is why it might not be a good idea to replace any of those). But yeah, the cannibal animations seem to be kinda paired. Though i think it is also a spot near the target rather than a specific position. There is also a mod with sparring mats that two characters can use at once. But these also don't have specific spots where the characters do their animation, it is just somewhere on the mat for each one. In fact,
  5. Manu82


    I think the problem is, that there are no animations/scripts for doing things with two characters. The spooning mod is basically just a second sleeping spot on a bed which only has one spot in vanilla. So each character does his/her things alone.
  6. ^This! Would add to the compatibility to other mods reacting to the estrus SL animations. (like EC+, SLA and so on) But nice idea and work on the cave!
  7. Same problem here. SLSO is running fine as intendet as long as i play without PSQ quest running. As soon as i activate it, stamina and magicka regen is broken during scenes.
  8. Manu82


    Hm... It should be easier to use existing scripts, if the scripting language in kenshi is the problem... Like adding items with their animations (like pillories, crosses, crux and what not) and having them use the scripts for usual cages/prisoner poles. Might be safer to make em buildable only though, instead of placing them in towns, since town cells can still get updated from time to time which could break things. Just an idea...
  9. Oh, now that explains why i didn't get it to work xD Would be nice to have an update though... Do the files have to be rebuild from scratch?
  10. I'd also really appreciate a patch for this. It seems that untamed only reacts to the "always orgasm" setting which basically makes SLSO obsolete. I think having the option to tie it to the "male" (creature) orgasm would be great. Patches for mods like Being female do this and in their case it seems to work just fine. Would also be somewhat encouraging to level the SL-stats since this way a multi orgasmic creature could lvl even better. So any chance to get an SLSO patch?
  11. At first Hello and thanks for the great mod, it's nice to have at least some interaction instead of just watching those scenes. But today i ran into an issue while trying to make it compatible with another mods patch for my game. I'm speaking of the SLWW control patch. It changes the sslActorAlias.pex in some few lines, so i thought it could be quite easy to change the apropriate lines in your sslActorAlias.psc and compile it, to have a compatible version. Now my issue is that i can't get the compiler to work. I searched for issues with it and found several workarounds for oth
  12. Thanks a lot! After some testing last weekend it also seemed to have a problem with new Followers added to the party while using "simple mutliple followers" but i think thats a whole other story. Disabling, clean saving and reinstalling SLDN2 after recruiting someone helped xD Annoying, but okay for me, i don't plan to recruit and dismiss so many for now. (The problem mentioned was that it seemed not to recognize the new one as party member but with "scan first" as possible attacker xD) It might also have been related to the guard bug since i had a guard before recruiting someon
  13. Is there a way to purge the guard who is remembered by the mod? It seems that my follower was forced to leave me by another mod (that happens due to defeat for example) and now SLDN2 thinks i have a guard even if none is set. Rerecruiting and setting her as guard again (and release her from guard duty afterwards) doesn't help. So now i get those "We are under attack" wakeups without any guard and sometimes when a scene triggers it says "Set Actor B" in the upper left corner. Would be nice if there is a command that cleanes the remembered guard setting. Or even an option u
  14. Do you anything that can help with animated dragon wings though? All it does once airborn is weird flapping. I would assume this is a conflict with FNIS. On the other hand maybe there is a patch somewhere... Sadly I don't have any ideas, maybe it's just the real flying mod animation (i don't have any concistency conflict in FNIS) So your wings flap when in succubus from and flying? When i use the "real flying" wings, they behave as intended. The "animated dragon wings" don't, they only got something like weird spasms. When i don't use the psq flying ability and use the flying mod be
  15. Hello there Maybe i can find some help here after days of trying to manage that myself. Is there a Way to get the actual version to use the Animations with the "old" Animated Dragon Wings? At first: The Mod runs really well beside that. PSQ works, PSQ Tweaks work, Real Flying Wings work (The Real Flying dragon wings as well as the Fairy wings). On the Real Flying wings, the animations work correctly, but as soon as i start flying or gliding with the Animated Dragon Wings - which i prefer for their look and idle behaviors - the wings don't do anything beside weird trembling instead of
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