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  1. Well thanks for the help, I simply went into third person and it worked.
  2. I will try that I am using the patched wsex Last I checked I need both I'll disable CAGE Shifted the load order I have a fully running NVAC along with Stutter Remover and 4GB fix. Latest NVSE.
  3. Removed outdated mods, installed new mods, and updated old mods in F:NV. At first the animations wouldn't work at all though the HUD and person selection would work though my char disappeared. Upgraded to Sexout 98 also which didn't work. Whenever sex happens my char disappears and cannot be found despite everything else in the scene working. I went around in tfc but that didn't work either. Load Order in spoiler. I also reinstalled the skeleton which didn't work. Tried a female character, same char disappearing issue as before.
  4. Well, success. Everything appears to be fully working, thanks for your snappy response and help.
  5. I have all the DLC they weren't listed when I copied from LOOt I will try this method and see what the results are.
  6. I'm having CTDs when trying to load a save after installing the mod, and when I tried a new save SexLab said there were conflicts. Here is my loadlist and order. Previous versions worked, and I can't find the conflict. I installed the 3 files in order, but I'm confused whether to install the CBBE patch before the full patch or after.
  7. Let me know how it goes before I plunge head first into the mod. It looks very promising.
  8. Anyone know how compatible it is with Sexlab? and anything I need to remove or overwrite if I already have HDT physics stuffs installed?
  9. Yea I'm finding It impossible to install any of the characters despite following each instruction.
  10. Hello, when I am in the Pirates Prize Quest and they rape my character, it picks a random animation then defaults to a boobjob animation. Anything I can do to change that?
  11. Well I've gotten the imbued flesh and given it to ELLE but nothing is happening, and when I reload to just before I found her she is stuck in a bound pose.
  12. I'm already past that, where do I get the parts for ELLE?
  13. Hey can someone tell me the steps of the ELLE quest?
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