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  1. I've been having a few issues with the Devious Devices mod, as well as a few that are somewhat related. Looking for some help fixing the issues, if there is a fix. I'll make a short list stating the mods and explaining the issues. 1. Devious Devices: I have been having an issue keeping characters in the bound animations. If I put a character into something like the an arm binder or an iron yoke, the go into the device's animations, but seem to have the ability to break the animation through several means, like interacting with a chair or a workbench. Also, if I leave the area they
  2. I'm having problems getting the mod to work. when I go into the game it will say "Mod active" then "Go fix missing dependencies" then "mod inactive". I'm pretty sure I have all the programs required to run this mod, but as it stands I can't leave my player home without a game crash while this mod is on. I'm using the 206 version and ran Fnis after installing, so I'm not sure what else I'd need to do. Any help?
  3. Sorry for the delay in reply. I've been ill for a few days. I'll be honest, I don't know what mod gives me that command prompt. I looked through my mod manager for what has a hotkey for "G", but I came up empty. However, I think I might have solved the issue by reloading my animations in game. Not sure if it is what really fixed the issue, but when I tried to duplicate the issue today, I was able to kill the bound NPC without a crash. Might have been a coincidence, but for right now it seemed to work. That aside, how exactly does Defeat and daymoyl conflict? Actually, w
  4. Sorry I made what I said so complicated. I'll try to simplify it a bit more. Firstly, this is the pose I was talking about. While in this pose, the A.I is pretty much helpless, and will not do anything unless you give it another command to release it for this position (this is a hostile enemy I subdued and then used a command to get them "tied" in this pose). If I attack them in this pose, it will cause a crash when they try to go into a stagger animation. My load out it as followed (I did use LOOT on this, and all my files are cleaned with xEdit):
  5. I've been having an issue with one of the sexlab/devious devices mods that lets me tie up characters I put into a prone position (that point where they stumble near death) or I sneak up on. When tied up, they are on their knees, with their arms behind their back, able to be interacted in several ways in this animation/pose. My issue is that if I decide to attack these characters (which I thought would be a good way to get "easy exp"), the game will suddenly crash. If I were to hazard a guess, then I assume that the issue is conflicting animation scripts, where the character is trying to stumbl
  6. Thank you. Hopefully these will be able to fulfill what I want from my game.
  7. Ok, then do you have one in mind that will do the job?
  8. So I've been trying to figure this out for a while, but I don't know how to keep NPCs from re-aquiring/re-equiping their default gear. I'm also having trouble getting my followers to where the clothing I want them to wear. I know that there are console commands to remove gear from an NPC, but the moment that I remove all their clothing and give them something new, they just get a new set of their default and put that back on. Is there a mod that simplifies this? I just want to be able to pick what NPCs wear (or don't) and have it stay that way.
  9. Ooohhh, that all sounds lovely. I'll have to give it a try ^_^
  10. Those both look really interesting. I'll have to give them a try. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they are both quest mods that lead into you getting followers?
  11. Awesome. This is a great start. I didn't even know about anything like the Display model mod. Thank you very much ^_^
  12. I just recently started modding Skyrim again, and this time I felt like playing a slaver character. I used to play a casual slaver in FO3 all the time, selling raiders and other NPCs to Paradise Falls, and eventually found a really good mod for it that let you keep/train slaves as followers, and set them up as NPCs in areas if you wanted. With some of the mods I've seen in Skyrim, I have refined my tastes a bit in what I want to do, and decided that I wanted to start a collection of attractive NPCs, keeping them in bondage or turning them into maids, both for my amusement. I suppose I am looki
  13. ok, at this point I think I'm gonna delete my Skyrim folder (after uninstalling the game) and starting my mods from scratch. After seeing FNIS give me a warning when I removed some mods, and then give me 2 when I tried reinstalling it, I just decided to nuke everything and start try reinstalling the newer mods. Perhaps doing that I'll be able to make some headway on this. I'll try the other bondage shop you suggested, and maybe I'll be able to make the game I want. Had a really neat idea for a slaver character that specifically enslaves female mages (using "Path of The Anti-Mage" to make him c
  14. Ok, so Captured Dreams doesn't work with DD? I thought I saw an updated version (which I DLed, and added to my mod list) and it worked fine, save for a few texture issues with the chains binding some of the slaves there, and the crops some of the NPCs there had on their person. You are saying that it is no longer compatible with sexlab or DD thought? Well that sucks, cause I thought it was cool to have a shop to buy all my bondage gear, and the new version updated the look of the shop nicely. So what is your suggestion? Disable both Devious Deviants and Captured Dreams?
  15. It was probably from my old loadout and got brought over when I transferred it to Vortex. to be honest, I haven't played Skyrim in years, so some of these mods I have no clue what they do. I assume Devious Deviants is related in some way to Devious Devices (might be a mod to allow you to "convince" NPCs into wearing bondage gear) but when I looked it up hear, I couldn't find the mod. Marked it down in case someone knew what it was.
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