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  1. Version 0.1 New category Fuck Dust Bunnies Fuck Dust Bunnies Dust Shite Dust Shite mop Scruberoo expanded
  2. But I like the dust aspect, lIke many other Simmers it's something that I've wanted for years, having played since the game launched. Leave it to Maxis to add totally stupid, unwanted thing to a system that people actually wanted with the broken, OP dust bunnies that actually totally and utterly break the game. It breaks everything in the game, including even Jungle Adventures and other packs with the insane loot tables too. Having a bouncing bunny give you ancient treasures from the Jungle Adventures breaks the gameplay, makes adventuring useless, it is lore unfriendly, it is unbalanced and I
  3. I've not touched Sims 4 in a while since the stupid OP broken dust bunnies absolutely killed all the fun in the game for me. Was gonna play some this weekend and the dust bunny system still ruins it. I've found some good mods to break it down, so a big FUCK DUST BUNNIES update is coming. I recommend at least checking out the DLC improvements, some of them are bug fixes and QoL improvements that should honestly exist in the base game. MCC does more than just give small mod stuffs; it also helps eliminate and catch errors. It's one of the best error catching mods in th
  4. Version 0.09 Instructions Added more instructions what to do every update, install or removal of mod for more stability. Lovers Lab Kritikal's Naugty Collection Atrois Animations Femdomania's animations Removed Slice of Life
  5. I personally use Noir. It comes in various sizes, are you saying the small one is too big too? Thanks from the appreciation! Yeah, I'm not gonna tell people to register to some shitty Sims forums just to download a mod, that sort of a gated content makes me want to hurl things at the website. The mod I listed is also compatible with Unclogger. I'll make a new update later this week, gonna add some new things and tweaks.
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