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  1. Oblivion Working Girls

    This mod adds fully voiced, lore friendly working girls to inns across Cyrodiil.

    I've noticed a lack of strictly 'vanilla' (eg. boring) lore-friendly content for LAPF. The intention of this mod is to add prostitutes to the inns in Cyrodill (akin to the girls found at inns in TES Daggerfall) in a way that blends organically into the game.
    All NPCs are fully voiced. Several small alterations have been made to some of the inns that the working girls occupy, mostly adding beds and such when needed.
    This mod is currently only intended for male PCs and has not been tested using a female PC.
        47 Working Girl NPCs found at inns with full AI schedules     Fully voiced NPCs using vanilla voices for (occasionally funny) dialogue     One modified lore-relevant NPC (Mirabelle Monet)     Minor edits to inn interiors to accommodate the new NPCs  
    The girls can be found in the following inns:
    Bravil Skooma Den
    Faregyl Inn
    Five Claws Lodge
    Gottshaw Inn
    Imperial Bridge Inn
    Newlands Lodge
    Olav's Tap and Tack
    Roxey Inn
    The Bloated Float
    The Count's Arms
    The Drunken Dragon Inn
    The Fo'c's'le
    The Grey Mare
    The Lonely Suitor Lodge
    Tiber Septim Hotel
    Two Sisters Lodge
    Wawnet Inn
    West Weald Inn
    Included is a patch for Dynamic Underwear System (Continued) 3.2
    Additionally, an OPTIONAL animation position patch is provided in order to use the intended animations. If the animation patch is not present, the default LAPF animations will play. Included animations are from The Daedra Sutra animations collection.
        Oblivion     Lovers with PK v1.6a1 or later     OBSE v0019 or later  



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