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  1. Maximum Carnage

    Show us your character!

    I got back to modding new vegas after spending my winter on the ps4 i bought on black friday. I repackaged my Tribal character. She is a Tech Tribal, a group of Punjabi Americans who took refuge in Native American lands and adopted the native's culture after The Great War. Theyre dumb by wastelander standards, have an affinity for scavenging technology, and have been brutalized by the Brotherhood Of Steel for decades.
  2. that thing is from bazinga. The latest Chinese UUNP holds the vagina textures as a separate file called Phototex
  3. Maximum Carnage

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    tbh if you had a patreon id throw money at you to continue making animations
  4. Maximum Carnage

    So i guess the trolls won then ??

    I went to gamestop yesterday to buy an action figure and there was a gamestop ad playing on their monitors and they were shilling out some fagout 76 and putting it over like its goty and i literally cringed also i heard of their 20$ shitty armor
  5. Maximum Carnage

    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users - HDT Patch

    anub's Giant Bakafactory Test from this month reward isnt flopping and my pc's hand is just clipping through the giant's stiff dick did anyone else get this to work on female + beast?
  6. Maximum Carnage

    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users - HDT Patch

    I cant get this to work at all i tried the entire day. I started using Chinese UUNP, bazinga's hdt, havok collision object, installing this again. and bazinga's beast hdt and still I dont see it working can i get help?
  7. the improved version which supports HDT pe and SMP is the Petal Body 2.76?
  8. would you say that this one is Superior compared to Bazinga's edit? also thanks
  9. Molag-Bal's magical circle of forced sex im retexturing some inferior sexlab stuff
  10. what is the latest version?
  11. Maximum Carnage

    Animated Beast's Cocks(ABC) For users - HDT Patch

    youre going to do all creatures?
  13. hmm... so I cant have metal maps and glow maps on the same nitri of a nif in skyrim? i do it in fonv all the time I was about to retexture a Favoresoul sword and thats what this is based off from what im looking at in nifskope