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  1. pretty cool, any thoughts on coercing a sex effect (auto-masturbate or the likes) when high stress?
  2. Found the problem, it was on my end. I didnt patch up when updating your mod, my bad
  3. does it tie to the story line? I think I've talked to everyone in the castle, including the vamp cattle. Will try again after i continue the quest
  4. Hey hey, how do you do the blackmail part of the vampire quest?
  5. Appreciate the work you have done, good luck fam

  6. I usually dont ask this, but whats the armor you are using in the screenshot? Its giving me too much deja vu, thanks my man
  7. Hey hey people, How do you get the artano thing started? I've just spoken to him but it seems stuck at the zapping at handshakes, he keeps repeating the same thing. Also trepassing. thanks fam
  8. Hmm doesn't seems like it, after First Lessons you still go straight to the Saarthal quests, no difference.
  9. Hey hey people, when is the college initiation quest? I have already started first lesson, is it too late now?
  10. Ah, I suspect it's because your body overlays are too low, for reference I have 18 set. I have attached my ini here too just in case, just install it like any other mod, and put it last in your Mod Order if changing the ini doesnt work NIOini.rar
  11. You can use Notepad, but you should download Notepad++, it is alot better to edit these. Just make sure the NIoverride.ini is from the lowest mod in your mod order. You can check by looking at the conflict tabs (like in the picture). I suggest downloading Notepad++, and open up a fresh nioverride.ini to edit, in case you make some mistakes earlier.
  12. Check our NIOverride again, since it could be overridden. Many other mods included NIO, like Racemenu
  13. Hey hey how ya doin, just wna ask how did ya get past the start of giving mead and asking about alicias?
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