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  1. great tutorial on converting armor to physics, i have fallout 4 blackrose armor, which appears to have cbbe body included, but no physics, so i followed your guide, all seemed to go as you said it would, so i built it in body slider, went into game, used chem lab to make the armor, but when i wear it, it reduces my boobs from d to a. so 2 questions please > when i build the armor, will it replace the armor in game at the chem lab, if not ? how do i get to wear my new blackrose with physics? and i also tried your second way with save as blackrose but unchecked save body also
  2. finished me4 and am replaying me3, both are good games, we all want different things from the games we play, with all the negative posts about me4 the makers can do a quite and easy fix to keep most of the players happy > release me4exploer, with mods players bitch less and enjoy the game more. I play me3, fallout 4 and skyrim over and over not because they are perfect games but because I have used mods ( big thanks to all the modders out there ) to make the game more enjoyable for me, not only more enjoyable but with nude eye candy and better weapons the game is fun to play again.
  3. great mod thank you, can you add squirting to your 2 mods, would look great ?
  4. fixed, ww did not supply strapon, so after downloaded one all is good.
  5. first, great mod thanks, all seems to work great, but she wears red underpants which i can not remove in cas, but your exhibitionism package removes them, but when it times out she wears again, ok thats just part of problem, we start with both girls naked but when she or her female sex partner is told to wear strapon or auto wear, its red undies instead of the strapon ? somehow the red undies replace the strapon have attached mod list, hope some one has fix ?
  6. btw, for zedeki's mod to work, you need to do the following and also wear sneak suit and headgear, make dog as buddy, select any man as your char, then change back to female char, then change dog for quiet. you need to do these 4 steps each time (while in the chopper) you start the game , also need the swap char to quiet mod which is still on nexus. maybe zedeki removed the mod due to it not working after game updates by steam and was getting lots of emails ? but the above will work on the latest game upgrade. all I did was reinstall the mod after the upgrade and do the 4 steps above
  7. zedeki posted a wet and nude quiet on nexus which works great by still has bra, it has been removed not sure why, I messaged him/her about full nude for quiet no bra, but no answer, not sure if he/she has posted elsewhere or would consider posting it here
  8. I think online games should be controlled by the makers > keep the idiots under control, but offline we own and should be up to us what mods we use. I am using the so called nude quiet mod offline but its not nude and is very poor quality, so I hope a modder gives us a fully nude mod with detailed genitals for female characters >legendgamer please finish your nude mod, all games need eye candy
  9. best mod I found and am using is slider's at gvz, also some guy made a boobs jiggle trainer for tr underworld which works great, has any body seen a boob jiggle for tr 2013 ?
  10. I agree with you guys, maliwe777 deserves the credit and my $5 donation (but have no idea how to donate to maliwe777), good modders deserve at least a $5 donations for their time and effort, some sites have a donate button in members profile and you can choose to sponge or donate if you like the mod. I refuse to use simplesim, it appears he is selling other people's mods then selling. Claire's hairy nude mod works well for me after I buy her cowboy outfit, which btw was cheeky that it only works with that outfit and you have to buy it for 2.99$, I would rather donate to modder than the game
  11. hi guys, any nude mods for steams rev2 ? cant wait to get these girls naked in raid mode
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