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  1. Maybe that's why it's busted. I was using 5.0 >_>
  2. Heya! First, THANK YOU! This mod is amazing I've had a lot of fun messing around with it. It's gotten me into the very best of troubles, and I'm very much looking forward to the progress coming this year, providing the roadmap you've set out isn't as hopeless as last year's was. I'm currently running into a brick wall of a bug. My Papyrus logs are pointing to a very particular thing, but I'm not really sure how to read it. The one thing that stays the same in the crash is in the following blockquote. It happens when someone runs up to me and accuses me of being a Slave. (Question:
  3. Sorry if already asked. I checked the last few pages and didn't find a solution. No hands or feet. Yoke and cart show up. Is this something that broke with the later updates to SexLab/DD?
  4. Still doing tests. This time, I'm enslaved by bandits rather than Falmer. Got the same message. BUT this time, the armbinder was equipped. Last time, the Falmer armbinder was NOT equipped. ---- I put this in the SD+ help feed, but maybe someone here may be able to help. When being enslaved by said bandits, the non-owner still attacks me. This happens with and without SDpatches installed. Thanks again! Edit: apparently I should definitely not use this with SD+ 3.0. I suppose I'll wait for the next update.
  5. I cannot apologize enough for adding one more request for assistance here. I know you're swamped, and I admire your work. It's definitely beyond my skill set, so thank you for all your work. I've done a cursory search query for my problem, but could find nothing. Thinking my issue was only an anomaly, I tried again (this time with only 'bleedout' enabled rather than 'bleedout and ragdoll' since I've heard the latter can cause some trouble), and got the same result. After blacking out, only the Owner stops attacking! Is this something I can fix myself? Thank you, bayace92
  6. Thanks for these awesome fixes! Especially the lockpicking/pickpocketing. Being able to do that drove me insane! I'm so glad to have that fixed. I do have one slight problem which I'm hoping you might be able to assist me with. When captured by Falmer, I was equipped with the SD Falmer Collar (Posture) (Steel) and the rest of the things in this picture: And the outfit looks AWESOME. (2E is the SDpatch - Fixes.esp Mod Index). But when this outfit was put on, I received this error: Now that's interesting, I thought. So I researched the issue, and found this past problem
  7. Wow, I've never seen that before. If you go to the MCM menu and choose the option to fast forward the trip, does it get you out of this loop? Yes! Thank you! I wish I knew what caused it, though :/
  8. Minor problem - I hope. Currently imprisoned at Whiterun. As soon as I was put in the cell, my jailer immediately took me out, and I'm currently on my fourth lap on the "Dragonsreach Circuit." Meaning, we go out the door to the right side of Dragonsreach, walk around and down the steps, maybe six of them, toward town, then turn around and go through the main doors to Dragonsreach, down into the dungeon, then taking a right to start a new lap. I'm also experiencing frequent CTDs, but they're random, and I can progress by making sure I save about once a minute and seeing if I got further than la
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