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  1. Hi I need help( I've outfit with physics of one element on the belt. It works fine, but without collisions. So, i decided to add collisions. I made regid bodys on L Thight, pelvis and on belt element. In havok preview all look fine. But in game, belt element shakes, like on wind and tries to take wrong position.... in some animations (!!!) (for some reason with hands down). OK, i decided to remove collisions and only to repeat what was in the original (physics without collisions). But, i have same result.(( I took the original nif, with the bones and skin of the author, and to build new bo
  2. Hi again. I solved the problem with the animations and made for UNP. Thanks for the good mod
  3. Hi) When I press the "create" button in the "Create Nub and RB Chain", then the error appears. Error: -- Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined. What can it be? 3ds max 2012 x64.
  4. Hi again! I'm trying to convert "Amin_H27" for UNP body in 3ds Max. All is well, but I lose the animation of the fabric. Maybe you can help me? P.S: In Outfit Studio some fabrics is lifted up in game...i don't know why. For example, "HighElf_H25" is OK. So, for some outfits I decided to try 3ds max.
  5. Hi I'm trying to fix clipping for my body preference but I'm getting the error below when I open in Outfit Studios. Bones in shape 'Castanic_F_L30_Body_Skel' not found in reference skeleton: dollleft 2 dollleft 3 dollright 2 dollright 3 There's a few other armors that gives me this message. I need to change the skeleton in outfit studio. But where i can take correct sceleton and place in OS as reference? In armor's nif? If yes - how can i take it from file?
  6. Outfit is bugged, if you change the skeleton base, that will don't working like the normal way. Ask directly in the Outfit modders here (i can't, i don't want explain with 2/3 words how to debugging): http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25180-unofficial-bodyslide-2outfit-studio-tutorials/ OK, thanks
  7. Ok, but what i'll wright in config file of outfit studio? In skeleton section. Name of armor's nif file? Or i'll take skeleton from this file first? If yes, how i can do this? Sorry for my english, i hope you can undrstand me
  8. hi, sorry but any male conversions are planified for this pack. For a armors vanilla replacer, try to replace directly the body meshes of vanilla armors with Tera armors. If that don't work you need to do that with the creationkit. Any replacer version are planified too. It's because the reference skeleton of your bodyslide is not the same than the armor you want modify. You need to change the skeleton in your outfit studio. I really don't recommand to do that (basically outfit is bugged) if you don't know really what you do. The best way for modify a armor is a 3D tool like 3DS
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