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  1. Hello
    About Fertility Adventures.
    First of all, thanks for this great mod, which significantly increases the immersiveness of the game.
    I was so free to make a German translation. I found myself called to it since I have already translated Fertlity Mode. This is only the esp. 
    It would be nice if you would link this translation on your site. https://mega.nz/file/ifhk2BiQ#ZwClsJ_I2bG8zQ-64InYwxzBqf3rDqDuAqIBZ7tIR-Q,
    or even better offer it directly for download.
    I will also try to update this as soon as possible.


    Fertility Adventures SE 0.05-German.7z

    1. CHIMiny Cricket

      CHIMiny Cricket

      Hello there,


      Thanks for the translation. I'm about to put out a new version right now but I appreciate anyone making translations. Let me know if you update it and I'll link it in the description.



    2. rore


      Thanks. I'm looking forward to the new version. I think the mod is so cool. :) The German update is already finished and can be downloaded here.
      or here directly


      Fertility Adventures SE 0.06-German.7z

    3. Patrick16


      Could someone also make a slovak or a czech translation too? one that would get updated with every update?

  2. Hey, i updated teens. the activate works on a bunch more things, but not everything. i have a long ways to go, but i thought i would make an update. read the post for the rest of the updates

  3. Hey Rore, i will add your translation if you can go to my newest update, download it from here, i made adjustments to be sure to make LL happy. if you can translate the newest one, post it here and make a page and all, ill link it gladly!

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    2. Schaken


      crap. ill fix that

    3. rore


      And the download link doesn't work

    4. Schaken


      It wouldnt let me link it, i had to just type it out. its there now.

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